Taming your monkey mind.


Nature is a beautiful way to stop the monkey mind in its’ tracks.

“Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. Fear is an especially loud monkey pointing out all the things we should be wary of and everything that could go wrong.” Source: HuffPost 

When we’re caught up in stressful thoughts, our amygdala goes into overdrive. When we’re stressed out, we get stuck in the basement of our brain where our stressful thoughts go around and around and around..

Time in nature gives us a chance to catch our breath, to see the light, to realize there’s a way out of this never-ending rumination loop.

monkey mind 4

The impact of nature on the human spirit is so profound that a hallmark study in 1984 showed that patients who had a room with a view healed faster than patients without a view. A mere glimpse of nature was enough to enhance their resilience.

Nature shifts our thoughts. Expands our awareness. Gives us hope. Lifts us up from the basement of our brains (amygdala) to the penthouse (cortex) where all solutions are possible.

 How do you tame your monkey mind?

17 thoughts on “Taming your monkey mind.

  1. WandaFaye

    Thank you for visiting my blog.. MonkeyMind Creativity by WandaFaye! Of course you know my answer would be, my Kodak and a prompt, and wherever the monkeys and I may have to go in order to find it.
    This search has become a guarantee that I am getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. By the time the monkeys get done ‘playing with their photo’ each evening, I am totally relaxed and any stressful thoughts I may have encountered during the day have been forgotten, so I get a restful nights sleep.

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  4. Reblogged this on In the Arena and commented:
    Being in nature among the trees, animals, fauna and peaceful sounds provides us with an opportunity to recharge and ‘tame our monkey minds.’ A wonderful reminder of the healing power of nature.

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  5. Just taking a minute as I get out of the car each evening to stop and ‘smell the roses’ – they overhang my driveway all summer (pretty out of control but I can’t bear to cut them too much). It refreshes me perfectly for the evening ahead..

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      1. Thanks for liking my post. It’s springtime here in England so a few months to wait for the roses to bloom and for now I’m refreshing myself with the Magnolia – photo’s taken of my Magnolia tree last week… It’s amazing what you notice when you stop for a minute to really look!

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  6. I made a choice years ago to move from a large metropolitan area and a ‘good’ job to a rural community. Not as much money, much more happiness and peace of mind. So thankful I did. Being in nature is my medicine. I am blessed that I can do this just by walking out my door, without having to travel long distances. Monkey Mind is quieted.


    1. Thank you for sharing! I am inspired. It takes courage to walk away from a good paying job with all the monetary benefits in order to walk into the life you were meant to lead. In the end, peace of mind is always worth the material sacrifice. As you shared, nature is the ultimate medicine.🌿


  7. When I go out in nature I feel negative energy literally being sucked out of my body. That may sound weird but it’s true. It just balances me. Windows are so important, too. I also love houseplants for some indoor nature grounding!

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    1. Not wierd… wonderful! Your writing is so vivid Jenna that I can visualize the negative energy being neutralized by nature just by your words alone. Great tips!

      Tree hugging is another fav of mine. It always feels like this private, sacred moment between me & the divine. 🌳💚🌲

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  8. Having been mostly bedridden for the past two years, I concur completely – I have two windows in my bedroom looking out over our beautiful, park-like backyard. The trees, sky, birds, and squirrels have kept me engaged – I call it my healing garden.

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