12 thoughts on “Freedom in Forgiveness.

  1. Holding onto wounds, hurts, even joy can bring on suffering. Forgiveness for me is a practice of humility, letting go of my story I created about it, compassion for myself and for others, taking hold of my own life, and hardest of all… accepting the fact that this was meant to happen for me to learn and grow, and it is reality. Stepping into my own empowerment. After all, every action has a positive intention, to protect oneself, to be safe, happy, and at peace. Love it!

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    1. I get it. I agree. Forgiveness is rarely a one time act that we master forever. More of a daily unburdening.. and releasing. And some days forgiving feels as light as a feather. And other days it overwhelms us with weight of an apartment building. The key (at least for me) is to keep reaching for the freedom that forgiving brings. If only for a moment..

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  3. The inability to forgive can be much more painful than the wound itself. I have to remember this as people are just people and are always doing all kinds of people things. It is usually the ego who is the monster not the person.


    1. So true Sharon. Resentment, pain, sadness, anger is too often played out “again and again and again and again” in one’s mind (searing our soul like a smoking hot poker).

      And tragically, in the end, the only person who endlessly feels the chronic pain of not forgiving is the person who was hurt – not the perpetrator.

      Which is why forgiveness rarely requires meeting with the person who caused the pain in the first place. Ultimately, forgiveness, healing, and emotional freedom happens between “Us & The Universe.”

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