Ordinary Joys.

Simple pleasures are my favourite.

Hot coffee. Cozy blankets. Birds singing. The sun rising. Fast runs. Slow walks. Long days. Warm hugs. Peaceful silences. BLT sandwiches. Tomato soup. Matinee movies. Buttery popcorn. Ice cold pop. Walking on campus. Smiling in the hallways. Laughing with students. Learning from students. Driving home. Soulful conversations. Dreaming of the future. Reminiscing about the past. Living fully in the moment. Riding bikes. Dancing down the street. Barbeque dinners. Chocolate almonds. Stephen King novels. Hot Tea. Cozy Blankets. Birds Singing… 


Nothing is more extraordinary than our ordinary joys. For how we live our days is how we live the whole of our lives.

What brings you joy on an ordinary day?

22 thoughts on “Ordinary Joys.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Tony! Staying positive played a critical role in my previous work as a school & counseling psychologist. (One of my top 5 coping skills for handling the vicarious stress & trauma of working in my field.) As you know, positivity does not mean to be “Positive” all the time. Instead, it is an aspirational state of mind and soul that we are all working towards.

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    1. Thank you! Yesterday I was thinking about how much more joy I received from the little things in the course of my day. (Surprisingly more than the great big EPIC events in my life – too much room for unrealistic expectations & possible letdown.) And how the positive effects of ordinary joys add up to enhance our health & happiness over the course of a lifetime.

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  1. Yesss! The ordinary joys are the best, as we can’t live big events every single day, and we think that only those matter. The small things are the details that can for sure make a difference. How we choose to look at things impacts how easily we are able to change our lives.

    I like your blog a lot, for sure I am going to come back here. Good luck in your future projects!

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  2. gaudimonium

    I absolutely love this post Dr. Dinardo! (and all of your posts!) 🙂 We only exist in the present moment, so it makes sense to completely cherish the ordinary things that happen in the moment. Otherwise time and joyous simple moments escape us, occupying the intervals between the big moments of our lives.

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  3. How refreshing it is to have someone blog about the joys of an ordinary day, instead of trying to convince their readers that ordinary means failure. Life is after all full of ordinary and most of that is catalogued into days. Thanks for posting, truly appreciated reading your post.

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