A Way Out of Negativity. [Reblog]

So much wisdom in this post. Originally published by Jenna on her blog “the wishing well“. Jenna is a gifted writer who seamlessly combines the struggles of mental health problems with the profound life lessons they create. I continue to be inspired by her writing. I hope you are too!

10 thoughts on “A Way Out of Negativity. [Reblog]

    1. Thank you for your feedback on my blog!

      – Keep in mind that this post is a reblog. Originally published on “the wishing well“. I encourage you to visit https://wishingwellblog.com It’s one of my favourite blogs!

      To answer your question:

      – In addition to DBT, I also think Logotherapy is awesome! Anything & everything that refocuses us on a higher purpose & meaning. Viktor Frankl will always be a personal source of inspiration.

      – His book “Man’s Search for Meaning” is an important topic in my therapy lecture for nursing students.

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  1. Thank you for reposting this. I was just in a program this weekend where we focus on multi dimensional consciousness, or being aware of multiple levels at the same time (including spiritual). It’s a relief and blessing, isn’t it? You continue to inspire me. Have a wonderful week.

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