Shine your light.


I used to think about life purpose as some great big grand scheme for life, something we spend our whole life chasing after. Daunting for sure. At times overwhelming.

Then one day I realized that life purpose was a series of small, fleeting events, rather than one great big span of life. Bite size in fact. It’s the one thing we love doing, time and time again. Over and over. Day by day. It’s the one thing we love sharing. Moment to moment. Breath by breath.

What make’s your heart sing?

For me it’s making the person right in front of me (no matter who they are) feel like the most important person in the world. Engaging fully, completely, in every conversation I have. No matter how long. No matter how short.


I love making someone’s day brighter.

Whether it be lifting the spirits of my psychology students. Encouraging the barista at Starbucks. Smiling at runners on the trail. Sending my mom an uplifting email. Opening the door for someone at the college. Listening intently to my husband at the end of a long day. (Hint: No cell phone in hand.)

(Bite size) Mission for this Moment.

My hope for today is to make you feel like the centre of my universe. One smile at a time. One conversation at time. If only for a moment. (Sometimes for a lifetime.) Because you matter. More than you’ll ever know.

What lights your way?


32 thoughts on “Shine your light.

  1. Such a gorgeous message Dr Andrea . And I am the same…What lights my way? You ask. Being welcoming and encouraging to everyone with every word I write and speak. I’m glad I found you from the lovely post by Watchingthedaisies 💐🌟🌟🌟


  2. This is good Dr. D.! One of the spiritual teachers (I can’t remember who) said that your purpose is whatever you’re doing at the time. That helped ease a lot of pressure off of what I always thought purpose was. Thanks for this,

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    1. Thank you for adding to the discussion! As always, your raise my ideas to the next level.

      “Your purpose is whatever you’re doing at the time.” is incredible. No matter what we’re doing – it matters. I said it to myself while I was making my bed this morning.. Elevated the experience to a place of Zen. Nice place to be.🍃💚

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    1. Thank you so much Pamela! (It takes one to know one. I love your blog.) I find writing about what’s working (the smaller the better) gives me the resolve (and energy) to power through the big stuff. And I know you can relate – both professionally and personally. When we organize our life (one drawer at a time; one thought at a time) the big things eventually (and instantly at times) fall into place.🎉💃

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  6. Love this reminder to live moment to moment. This morning I was reminded to live in service to myself and to others, and your post has just allowed me to release even more of the burden I put on myself. Thank you for the gift of love, and sending loving thoughts back to you as well!

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