See the light.


Look for the good and you will find it.💫

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13 thoughts on “See the light.

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  1. Oh thank your, Andrea. I needed this reminder today. My spiritual teacher has a great quote about looking for the good and leaving the rest to Spirit as a way to come into peace. Blessings! 💜

    1. Yes! Look for the good & you will find the good. Fully supported by psychology research too. An important lesson I teach in my health psychology lecture. Enjoy your Sunday! May it be filled with light.🌟💫

      1. Yes, he was! I’ve read many of his books- Wisdom of the Ages was quite a profound read for me. I agree; seeing the light in ourselves proves to be a great challenge for so many. Thank you for being the light! 😊💫

  2. Such a profound and powerful quote! It’s living life in the spirit of love; love without prejudice, fear and expectations. Great post 🙂

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