My wish for you today.

Treat yourself to kindness.imageAll day long.💛💫

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  1. Good advice, yet always so hard to do – I first have to push back my parents voices, and oddly, the voices of my adult children who have so much to say about my progress or lack of, lol

    1. So true! Which is why I also need daily reminders.😉

      I teach a lecture on the inner voice (Freud’s overly punitive superego) and where (some say) it originates from. During this psychology class, we use a family tree to (theoretically) trace the superego all the way back to where it originated (our parents, grandparents, great grandparents most critical voice).

      This concrete process helps shed light on what can be a very dark place. (It also leads to some very cool discussions.) In the end… the only thing true is this moment. The rest is a figment of our overly active (superego) imagination. 💛💫

      1. Interesting, I remember asking my father why he would say certain things that made no sense to me, and he would pause, think about it, and then confess his father had said the same to him, but he never really understand why either. Psychology is so fascinating.

        1. You are one smart women! (It too a PhD in psychology for me to come up with that question!) Even more of a reason to end that family-family-family download of (critical) inner voices. Enough already! (Note to self) 😎

  2. I practice this, but then I can totally forget all about it when I begin to fall back into a comfortable pattern of thinking. I’m thinking….maybe i will make this a 45 day practice and see if I can make it a habit..hummm. Such a great perspective for me and others who are so hard on themselves. Being aware of not only my words (as my words seem encouraging) it’s the subtle feeling of guilt or not enough that is underlying the words that can be so mean to myself at times. A reminder that is much needed for me!

    1. I love your idea of a (45 day) self-compassion practice!

      My thoughts:

      1/ Start with 4 to 5 days … (45 days sounds exhausting).

      2/ Write an uplifting self-love mantra on your bathroom mirror (with erasable marker) on your mirror each morning.

      3/ Enjoy the good vibes each time you wash your hands & brush your teeth. (It’s crazy how we time travel to past rumination & future worries when we are on automatic pilot … the note will gently bring you back to present time.)

      4/ The sound of water can be equally soothing to the soul. (Think of it like a 3 minute spa for the mind.)

      BTW: You wrote that my post is good for “me & others that are hard on ourselves… the reality is that all of us (ok 99%) are hard on ourselves. (Myself included!) Which is why we need these daily mantras to bring us back to lovingkindness.💖💫

  3. Hi Andrea – I liked this quote about being kind to ourselves, something I have been diligently working into my daily routines of habitual thought for a couple of years now. Like you, I need reminders as well and have quotes up on post-it notes on my mirrors and elsewhere in the house. I love inspirational art for the same reason. You commented on my first post I did on my “empowering women” blog and I was so surprised that someone had found it and read it. Would enjoy connecting with you. Sounds like we may have much in common!

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