Always looking up.


I look up every chance I get. First thing in the morning. On my run. On my way to work. In between classes. Out for a bike ride. From the skylight in my office. On the front porch before I go to sleep.

Connected to Something Bigger

The sky connects us to something much bigger than ourselves. Challenges seem small in comparison to the vastness of the sky. Solutions seem plausible. Answers come more easily.

The stars heighten our awareness, expand our field of possibilities, and relax our mind. In their presence, we embrace the profound and surrender the pettiness. When we look up, we become fully present. In the moment. Completely mindful. Nowhere else to be but one with the sky above.

Peace of Mind

The celestial bodies provide a sense of comfort, peace of mind, and well-being. No matter what happens, the sun will rise, the stars will shine, and the moon will glow.

Blazing sunsets, radiant full moons, and shimmering constellations are all reassuring reminders that we are in this life together. We are united. We share the same magnificent celestial view.  No matter what happens, we share equal access to the divine, all-powerful universe. We are one. We are never alone.

From Me to We

Recent research at the University of California confirms that a “me to we” transformation takes place when exposed to nature. The study found that inducing a sense of awe (e.g., star gazing; looking at the ocean) in participants shifted their focus from personal needs (small self) to greater concern for society at large (altruistic behaviour).

“Inducing a sense of awe in people can promote altruistic, helpful and positive social behavior, according to research. Awe is that sense of wonder we feel in the presence of something vast that transcends our understanding of the world. People commonly experience awe in nature, but also in response to religion, art and even music. When experiencing awe, you may not, egocentrically speaking, feel like you’re at the centre of the world anymore. By diminishing the emphasis on the individual self, awe may encourage people to forgo strict self-interest to improve the welfare of others.” Source: Science Daily

The sun, the moon, and the stars are there to guide us. Dennis Banks

I am starstruck every time I look up. I am in awe. The sun, the moon, and the stars are the true celebrities in our universe. Always shining. Always inspiring. Always showing us the way.

What lights your way?


13 thoughts on “Always looking up.

  1. Beautiful! I love the idea of “me to we,” and how that’s related to awe. I never really put that feeling into words before. I think that’s part of why working near windows is so important to me…I need to see the tops of trees and the clouds in the sky. Just reminders that the world is spinning no matter what’s happening in my own little world. 🌎

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  2. Thanks for the post. Your veins of wisdom show up when my wisdom storage levels are at their lowest. I must tell you I was a part of a sad encounter of a therapist attempting to bring words to a families painful suffering… each trying to prevent the other from addressing sadness and loss.

    I being the lowest in levels of degrees and “paper proof of education” was at least able to encourage
    a few words from a suffering party by sharing life events I lived through, however in doing so I eventually turned into the target of great anger….. I was aware that it wasn’t myself and my actions that was the seat of the rage and anger….. but being witness to such long felt levels of unrest drains a heart. Watching others in pain and unable to put words to deep hurt and unable to cry with true heartfelt tears is very hard to experience.

    The fact that as I wake and simply go about my day attempting to survive my own life of uncertainty and the days unfold and leave me surrounded by people in the middle of pain and suffering that I have lived through…. is testimony to the fact that under the blanket of stars as people pray and search for understanding what sometimes seems like random events of a normal day often may truly be better explained as a purposeful convening of souls brought together to be an active example of Gods Love and Peace and Comfort.

    Whatever the true explanations are it bring me to tears. Life is not easy, and I find it hard to see so many people struggling. Thanks for your posts. They reach me just when I need them the most. Like the star in the sky that twinkles just as the idea comes to mind that solves a problem weighing heavy on my mind.
    With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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      1. That’s me laying in the field looking up at the stars and crying my eyes out! You are so right it does make a difference. The most surprising thing you said in your post that resonated with me is that for years I have been expressing the fact that I simply want a “we” I know I can live alone independently…. I was married for 17 years and chose to get a divorce because I simply stated I was choosing to be alone instead of being left alone all the time……. I long for genuine “in the present moment” relationship, sharing of ideas, opinions, laughter, just being, breathing and enjoyment of each others company. Something so genuine it makes the moments in time feel valuable and treasured not wasteful and lonely. There are many people living within relationships that are very unhappy. They are spending time within the same home and not enjoying each others company.

        Thank you for making me realize that when I am enjoying the much treasured moments in a day when I am looking UP that at that very moment I am experiencing the WE that I long for 🙂 That is exactly why I love looking up so much! Thanks so much for you continued Wisdom. We truly can be blessing to one another from many many miles away!
        With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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