Writing in One Word.

In One Word: Describe how you feel when you write.


Writing makes me feel ALIVE!

For me, writing is all encompassing.

The words become the beat of my heart.

The words become the oxygen I breathe.

The words become all that I touch, feel, and see.

For me, writing is all encompassing.

I am the words. And the words are me.


How does writing make YOU feel?

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26 thoughts on “Writing in One Word.

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      1. Yes, but sometimes it can make you feel vulnerable too. (https://warriorprincesscait.com/2016/10/09/vulnerability/)

        But definitely, especially being homebound with severe medical conditions, it’s empowering to know that when I write, people like what I write and I feel validated. I feel empowered by sharing my thoughts, my blog posts, my Mighty articles…. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference and my voice is being heard!

        1. I get how writing brings forth so much emotion. Thank you for sharing your post! I can feel the vulnerability in your words & equally your power. You matter. Your writing matters. You are a voice for so many people in your circumstances.🌹

  1. Your word “centred” evoked a feeling of grounded x ascending. Then I read your beautiful post on grounding. Your words lift off the page while planted firmly on the ground. What a feeling! For you, the author, and us, the audience. Thank you for sharing your one word for writing.🍃

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