Your happiness depends on it.

Most people fight against what brings them despair instead of openly receiving what brings them joy.


Shift your focus. Change your life.

Consciously accept the good that already exists in your life.

Your health. Your freedom. Your vision. Your voice.

Accepting what is does not lower the bar.

Quite the opposite.

Acceptance opens your eyes to all the favour that exists in your life.

Your hope. Your creativity. Your community. This moment.

And it’s that good feeling that motivates you to strive for more of what’s right for you. Instead of fighting against what’s wrong for you.

Begin by accepting what is.

Moment by precious moment.

Your happiness depends on it.


 Applying this Post in Everyday Life

  1. The 3 to 1 positivity to negativity ratio is one way of applying this post in your everyday life.
  2. Specifically, each time you criticize something about yourself (or any area of your life); you must acknowledge (accept) three positive aspects about the very thing you condemned. Hence, the 3 to 1 positivity ratio.
  3. For example, each time you put yourself down for not having enough friends, you need to accept three wonderful aspects of spending time alone. (Freedom; Spontaneity; Peace of mind.)
  4. This daily practice helps dampen the adverse impact negativity bias (a type of cognitive distortion) has on your life.

24 thoughts on “Your happiness depends on it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback JennyMarie! Challenging yes! But… The good kind of challenge. (Let me know how it goes.) Sometimes you have to DIG DEEP to find the gold in the darkness. But ultimately, you will find gold.🌟💫


  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about this – I consciously focus on gratitude in my outer life, but my writing still reflects the darkness. Thinking I’m ready for a shift. Best for the New Year to you!

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    1. Writing can be such a wonderful release. Have you ever considered that it’s the darkness in your writing that allows you to be more light-filled in your outer life? (My darkness is released in the kickboxing ring! No kidding. Boxing is such a wonderful outlet!) Wishing you a prolific new year! 📝💛

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    1. You are so right. Practice is key! Implementing a negativity to positivity ratio is one way of applying this post in daily life. For example, each time we criticize something about ourselves; we need to acknowledge an upside for each downside. Try it & let me know what you think!

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  2. God, this is good. So much wisdom … so simple and so true, isn’t it? I am choosing – best I can – to accept what is, moment to moment. With grace.

    Happy New Year, Andrea. Grateful for following your blog, and for such a caring connection ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for reblogging on your site!

      I love how you live in a world of possibilities. Making the shift is the hardest part. (I write from experience!) Yet the freedom it brings is worth the effort 10x over.

      Cheers to a Happy 2017 for you JoAnna! 🎉💛

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  3. I’ll bet we would make a great team presentation. So many people are seeking credible REALISTIC information and ideas to redirect current downward spiraling lifestyles. Compassionate, well educated people, living a quality life offer a perspective that can enlighten those lives seeking new pathways “hidden” by personal obstacles. I attempt to reveal some of these approaches using my PASSION for health, nutrition and exercise. Our combined effort to share our clinical and observational experiences could potentially produce a powerful outcome.

    I have never offered a comment like this to any other individual. Your “about Andrea Dinardo” page along with some writings inspired this. I am not seeking a business venture; just an opportunity to deliver a message with a colleague that can positively influence people.

    If this idea sounds interesting we can begin a communication via email. My address is: My blog site is If not, I would like to (at the very least) extend my good wishes to you and your family for a very HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. Thanks so much! We share a vision for empowering people to make realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes. Our clinical background emboldens and supports our mission. That said, I also have a dream of taking this message to the stage one day. As I have before But for now my college students keep me busy full-time. So I will have to put your offer on my vision board for future consideration. In the meanwhile, I look forward to connecting & sharing ideas via our blogs.💫

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  4. Such a lovely thought!
    “For example, each time you put yourself down for not having enough friends, you need to accept three wonderful aspects of spending time alone. (Freedom; Spontaneity; Peace of mind.)” never thought of this aspect before.
    Your insights are realistic and practical. Thank you for sharing, Andrea!
    Wishing you a very happy New Year. Thank you for your continued efforts to share positivity through your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much for sharing your “Aha Moment”. Your feedback is very reinforcing!

      As a psychology professor, I try to make theoretical concepts as practical & applicable as possible. Especially since my nursing students are so overwhelmed by both their studies & hospital rotations that they often fail to see the beauty in their chosen profession.

      Additionally, I encourage nursing students to help their patients apply the 3:1 positivity-negativity ratio when working through medical challenges. As being in the hospital can be both isolating and anxiety-provoking, thus strategies that help patients reclaim their intrinsic power in the face of illness makes a significant difference.


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