Fear and Anxiety Solutions


FEAR ->Forget Everything And Run.

Each time we feel threatened (threat is the fundamental definition of stress) our first instinct is to “fight or flight“. PUFF UP or Shrink. 

This perpetual “fight or flight” response loop eventually creates a host of secondary problems, above and beyond, the original stressor (or oppressor).

It does not matter how we attempt to “control” a stressful situation – physically, verbally, or by running away from it.

Eventually, a repetitivefight or flight” response cycle will take a significant physical and psychological toll.


FEAR ->Face Everything And Rise.


39 thoughts on “Fear and Anxiety Solutions

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  1. There are obviously very few moments in our lifetime that require a “fight or flight” response and I hope most folks will never have to encounter them. You are absolutely right about making the same choice when we are being challenged to the point of where it becomes uncomfortable or even stressful. When we stand our ground we learn that we can be strong and take away a little something from each stressful situation we decide to stand up to. This makes us even stronger when the next uncomfortable situation comes along.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! I should have you come in and do a guest lecture for my nursing students.

      I love how you stated “When we stand our ground we learn that we can be strong and take away a little something from each stressful situation we decide to stand up to.”

      My hope is to remind students (and myself) of the power that has existed within us all along. Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, and tapping her red shoes.. is the perfect analogy. If she only knew. If we only knew.

      But one day we do wake up. And that’s another beautiful thing about getting older. Less fear. More freedom.

      1. Yes, each obstacle we overcome leads to enough confidence to take the next challenge head on. And it is only through time that we become who we are today. Your right, getting older is pretty cool.

  2. I love that this transcends the “either-or” dilemma of “fight or flight.” We need to realize that there is another option! This other option requires consciousness, and practice too (at least for me!) But it’s nice to imagine that I don’t have to “fight” or be aggressive, but simply hold my own. The FEAR acronym also made me think of Doreen Virtue’s acronym for fear, False Evidence Appearing Real. Either way, we have a choice how to respond.

    1. Thanks for your comments Jenna! Your reflections always bring me to a deeper understanding of the original post. Specifically, how you talk about consciousness, choice, and practice. Combined, they bring us to a higher place each time we are triggered by stress & fear.

      The Doreen Virtue FEAR acronymn you shared (one of my favs) epitomizes the grand illusion of fear. If we stand our sacred ground long enough the “False Evidence Appearing Real” will eventually dissipate and truth will arise.

  3. I am a new blogger and recently came across your blog. I love the way you convey your thoughts with simple bullet points and elaboration. Discovery before embrace, giving oneself a break, sweetest rewards being earned- all simple doable facts that get overlooked in today’s world.

  4. I wish I had known as a child and teen that I had the option to stand still and breathe. I thought the only option I had was to fight or to disappear into myself. I am now a 67-year old who is trying to sort my life out. In my recently started blog, I am trying, through writing, to understand my life and how to live. It seems a bit late, but I guess it’s better late than never. I look forward to following your blog.

  5. Great info! I have found that after facing down my fears, it gets easier. Fear isn’t bad: it puts us into heightened awareness. Once we learn how to harness that heightened awareness and use it in a positive manner, we can truly rise above it. I like your redefinition. That’s awesome!

    1. I love your reframe of fear. “Fear = Heightened Awareness”. I will definitely be using your reframe for students during the height of midterm exams. Thank you also for your feedback on my post. So encouraging!

  6. I have briefly scanned through two of your articles, Dr. Andrea, ‘There Will Always be Critics’ and ‘Stand Your Sacred Ground’ and of course, all the interesting comments to these.

    Singularly though, Dr. Andrea, is your unique ‘Gift of Mercy’. You have been blessed with this very rare gift, please continue to use it without limit, for you will encourage many.

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