Celebrating Female Mentors and Visionaries.


‪Happy International Women’s Day!

I am grateful for all the women in the world who paved the way. Including my mom. The first psychologist in the family. A role model, mentor, and encourager. Today & Always.

Who are grateful for today?

17 thoughts on “Celebrating Female Mentors and Visionaries.

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    1. Smiling as I read your comment! I love how you describe your 3 lady best friends as a blend of heart & steel.

      And I’m sure this is how they’d describe you Buffy. Awesome attracts awesome. 🌟🌟

      1. Aw, thank you so much… I’m glad you liked the comment, and you do have a wonderful way of putting things(!)
        Haha well I’d like to think they’d say the same about me. It’s something for me to live up to, anyway. 🙂

    1. I am with you Brigid! So much inspiration from our fellow female bloggers! Especially from you Brigid. Your resilient spirit, your incredible book, and your generosity lights our way. Every single day. 💫

    1. I love how you included both men & women in your tribute! I also find it fascinating that in Russia, as you wrote on your blog: “International Women’s Day is a non-labor holiday and has been since 1965. This means that most banks, schools and official buildings are closed.” Wow! How awesome is that. It definitely gives you a different perspective on women & life as a whole, living as a US expat in Russia. Good for you! 🙌

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