CBC-TV Interview — Embracing Change

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Need help embracing change but don’t know where to start?


In my interview on CBC-TV I share 5 positive ways to embrace change using the principles of positive psychology.


I also write about the psychology of change and transformation in my psychology column for The Drive Magazine — Read Here

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  1. I watched your interview, it was great! You were given prompts at lightning speed and your message really came through! I liked the message of taking a moment to do something nice for someone else. You’re inspiring to watch! 🌟

    1. Thanks Jenna! I really appreciate you taking the time to watch the interview. You are so perceptive! The questions came lightning fast! And in just one take. I was epic nervous before, but once it started, I (thank God) got into the flow.🍃

    1. Smiling as I read your comment. Your words reinforce my take on life (good & bad). Strengths first. Only then will we have the fortitude to overcome our challenges & manifest our wildest dreams.

    1. Thanka so much Khan! For taking the time to watch my interview & for sharing your thoughts. It was a childhood dream to be on television and an adult mission to share my message of positive psychology and personal empowerment.

  2. Dr. D!!! you were on a television show??? This was very nice and clear. I like the different categories of people and also types of changes. This explains quite a bit to me about myself and others.

    1. Thank you so much for watching my television interview. Too cool! (Definitely one of my bucket list experiences.) I’m so grateful that you took the time. Especially since the categories helped you understand yourself better. I love your enthusiastic feedback. Your energy is like a jolt of caffeine. (Without the side effects.) The best! 😊😊

  3. Change indeed. The only constant in life is change. As a chronic illness took over my life and changed it, I stayed in the emotional realm of anger of the change for many YEARS! But too bad, life is not fair and that is that.

    Once I embraced the change and accepted it was MY life I found a sense of control, I found blogging and running a support page. I found writing was challenging yet within my control and co-writing a book is inspirational, hard, and on-going! Now I celebrate when I get a new follower or group member! And I especially celebrate the wonderful people I get to meet in this social media world!

    Great interview! Was needing to hear that today! More than you know! Thank you. ~Kim

    1. “The only constant in life is change.” Amen to that! And we can either fight it or dance with it. Same effort. Drastically different results. As you know all too well Kim from your own experience with the downside of change.

      But with your magical mixture of acceptance & surrender you have turned a glass half full into a champagne life of writing & supporting others in the same health situation. You Kim, are resilience personified. And I honour it all in you.

      1. I have enjoyed your blogs, I have enjoyed your appearances, and I have enjoyed your comments. I cannot wait for what is yet to come. The knowledge I can gain with the clarity you provide so I can sort out what I think I know but it is still wrapped tight in a little ball or rubber bands. You are helping me remove the bands and remember how to use what I know for practical yet meaningful purposes. Thank you Dr. Dinardo!

  4. ‘…life is a series of changes, both good and bad…’ Hello Dr Dinardo✨ This is a beautiful quote from your video that serves as an amazing reminder that life really isn’t static, even on a daily level. It was lovely seeing you interviewed.
    All the best,
    Di 💐

      1. Hello again Dr Dinardo!
        You don’t have to reply to this as you are clearly very busy but I’m touched by your kind reply above and I am rather thrilled by your lovely words and taking the time to respond.
        I’m so touched.
        I’ll look forward to following you and your wisdom.
        Thank you again 🌹✨✨

      1. Resonated with me for so many reasons…So many life situations result in a “change” of some type. I find that sometimes the change comes from my attitude of how I look at a situation.

        1. Well said! Attitude is everything. Especially when it comes to change & life circumstance. It’s ultimately the only thing we have control over. And it can make the difference between living a life of joy or sorrow.

    1. I love this it’s so timely for me. I’ve learned to flow with my day and not think about the future although it’s imperative with my job but personally I’m working on flowing with what shows up in my day! Love your way of speaking and making points. Wow! You are on fire I can feel it! Love plugging into this energy. ~ღ~

      1. Thank you so much Michelle. For your generous comments. And for taking the time to watch my interview. I am a great believer of Faith & Flow, so it is no doubt that we were divinely connected at the perfect time. 💛💫

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