Reigniting Motivation.


I wrote this on the blackboard for my nursing students today.

This is their final week of classes. Which means one final opportunity for me to encourage their success.

This is my favourite part of teaching psychology. Every time I face a challenge, I imagine how I can translate it into a motivating lesson for my students.

Reminding students why they started nursing school is energizing. Staying inspired during final exams is galvanizing. Not giving up is the ultimate test.


Thoughts ⇔ Motivation ⇔ Action

Transforming thought patterns is critical for student motivation and success. As what happens behind our eyes is as powerful as what happens in front of our eyes.

Reframe your thoughts. Reignite your motivation.

Instead of thinking of nursing school as an obstacle to overcome. Reframe it as superhero training. Heros save lives. And so do nurses. Every single day.

Will it be easy? No   ↑   Will it be worth it? Yes!


 How do you reframe to reignite motivation?

27 thoughts on “Reigniting Motivation.

  1. I reignite by first taking a step back, usually in the form of taking my mind away from whatever I’ve been working on that has exhausted my motivation. After rest, some fun and healthy distraction I then come back to it to see where I am with it. I ask if want to continue, why and what I need to change.

    Thank you for the motivating post!

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    1. Excellent tips for boosting motivation Lorena! Gaining a greater perspective by taking a step back is key. I love the fun part too! (All work & No play = Zero creativity.) And just like you, I do my best work in the early morning hours. ☀️

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    1. When the semester ends, I tell my students that I am their “professor for life”. So anytime they need a pep talk & an “injection” of motivation, I am only one click away. 😊

      Ireland would be a wonderful opportunity for them when they graduate. (If this is an option with the Irish government). Either way, they can begin their research now. And add nursing in Ireland to their vision board.🍀

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    1. Good for you Kim! Nothing reawakens creativity & reignites motivation like a good break. As my mom always says: “Say good-bye when they’ll still miss you & leave them wanting for more.” See you after Easter! Enjoy the pause. 💐

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