Finding the light.


 Early morning rituals spark the divine in me.

No matter the day. No matter the moment.

Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there.

Fueling my creativity. Illuminating my path. Shifting me higher.

Early morning rituals call forth the peace in me.

No matter the day. No matter the moment.

Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there.

In this sacred space I breathe deep, let go, and freely release…


Early morning rituals affirm the courage in me.

No matter the day. No matter the moment.

Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there.

No fears. No trepidations. No subjugations. No dismay.

For I have finally found the light in me.💫

This morning’s angel card. 😇

How do you rediscover the light in you each day? Which morning rituals shift you to a higher place?

29 thoughts on “Finding the light.

  1. I open the blinds, and stretch while the coffee brews. Then I read poetry while I sip, or watch the sunrise if possible. Then I meditate and journal. Then I am ready to start my day. I enjoyed your ritual and the way you crafted the description.

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  2. First thing I’m greeted by my dog. We cuddle and play a little. I think of nothing else but being there with her. Unless the cat joins us, then I’m there with them.
    a good stretch and a body scan meditation.
    a smoothie to get me started.
    saying hello to the day.

    I like your morning ritual.
    I’d like to be able to stay in the moment a bit more every morning,

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  3. My son had brain surgery last year and is recovering- every morn since, when I wake, I tip toe in his room and watch him sleep just for a minute. It reminds me that every day is a beautiful and blessed day 😊

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  4. I love this blog, thank you. Early morning rituals to me are a powerful, sacred way to set up my day. They help me to see the blessings right here, right now.
    I particularly love to:
    Eat a healthy, organic breakfast
    Set an intention to chose love ❤
    Get a coffee – sigh, green tea I think may be better. Still… warmth makes my little one feel loved

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Andrea. And thanks again.

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  5. Jami Carder

    I should make the time for a morning ritual, but I don’t. I sleep as late as I can before having to rush to work. I do however, have a nighttime ritual. Herbal tea followed by a guided meditation, slipping into a peaceful sleep.

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    1. Sounds wonderful Jami. I do the same. We take such good care of our children’s nightime rituals. It’s only natural that we do the same. Especially for you as a nurse, after a full day of tending to others’ needs. Sweet dreams Jami. 😴

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  7. It is everything surrounding me in the morning. It is the familiar and old and comforting. It is the sound of the coffee brewing. It is the dog stretching, ready to go out. It is the dryer fluffing my shirt. In the summer, it is sitting in the cabana watching the sun rise (with coffee), listening to birdsong, greeting my angel puppy.
    In winter it is the observation of the dark, listening to the wind, seeing the snow drift by my window. It is the same room for every morning for 33 years. I know every square centimeter and every season in this place. It is my rock.
    So bolstered and buoyed, every day bursts with opportunity.

    Seek peace,


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