Every smile counts.


Smile like you’re changing the world. Because you are. 🌸

We often think of changing of the world as some great big, grand gesture. Performed on stage with millions of people watching. When in fact it’s just you and me (and 7 billion others). Smiling, connecting, caring, and loving. Every moment. Every encounter. We are the dominos.

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26 thoughts on “Every smile counts.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Andrea, you continue to inspire and uplift my consciousness whenever I come across your blog. Good message – so important to share my friend. Thank you for being YOU! Love you, Andrea – ❤ Debbie

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, so much so that I’ve written two books and titled my blog to those ends! We need to make choices daily… One person, one interaction, one day at a time and we can make it a better world. PRHuckans.wordpress.com

  3. What’s going on twin-fabulous??? This reminds me of my dad. A couple of years before he died, he asked me what is it that I wanted him to do? I told him he could’ve called. His reply, “That’s it?” He was so disappointed because all this time he thought it was some HUGE thing, when really it’s always the small things. Thanks for this 🙂

    1. Twin professors & bloggers! I love it Dr. K 😎🤓

      Beautiful story about your Dad ! Thank you for sharing. He knew it before we did. It’s the small things. Always the small things.

      The ultimate paradox of life. 🌸

    1. Awesome! I love it when bloggers connect on this level. And thanks so much for your generous feedback. Good vibes are my ultimate intention. Everything good flows from there.

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