Teaching Stress Resilience at School

How can educators help foster stress resilience in their students?

We all have stress. It’s a universal human experience. The key is to not let stress become our identity.

Instead, with and open mindset and the right set of resilience skills we have the opportunity to reach a whole new level of purpose and well-being.

Stress Resilience for Success

At the start of my stress presentation  at the guidance counsellors forum, I discuss how resilience begins with a strength mindset. And equally that openness to challenge is essential for success.

Too much time in our comfort zone stalls growth.

Feeling safe is important. But we shouldn’t consider it a resting place. More of a launching pad!

Reframe openness as a verb and challenge your students to try something new today.

Learn More:

TEDx Talk Thriving Under Pressure

16 thoughts on “Teaching Stress Resilience at School

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  1. Love your sentiments here and it’s so true. It’s far too easy and comfortable to be complacent and not want to move but that doesn’t get us anywhere, literally or otherwise.

  2. You are such a great speaker! I loved your talk! It’s timely for me. I’m on the fence of a new teaching position. I’m trying to find the balance between work and family. I feel grateful to have options. I’m going to consider the “big” picture of my life and family as a whole. Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

    1. Thank you Ipuna! For taking the time to watch the video & for your kind words. Wishing you well as you navigate your decision about teaching positions. I love how you always find gratitude, no matter the circumstances. Only good things can come from an abundant (and growth) mindset like yours.

      1. Thank you, Andrea. Figuring out the “next move” in life is never easy, but I’m sure it will be great. I appreciate your kind words. Keep spreading all of your good words!

  3. Beautiful messages contained here in your video Dr Dinardo. We all matter and need to be seen, and fostering resilience… thank you for sharing your talk. It’s always lovely to hear your wisdom and see you too 💐💕

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