Trust the music.

Stop expecting others to validate what you hear (see and feel).

The music is not “out there”.

The music is in you.

A beautiful melody that only you can hear.


Listen. Be still. Take a long deep breath.

Fear not who you are. Fear not what you hear.

You are the symphony.

Trust the music that is in you.

And dance a little freedom dance. 

For all the world to see.

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32 thoughts on “Trust the music.

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    1. How wonderful Debbie! So grateful for you too. Thank you for sharing how my post relates to what’s happening in your life. Sounds like a powerful retreat.

      The key is to make time (remember) to listen. Tune out to tune in. Nietzsche’s quote reminds us that everything begins with self-understanding. Only then can we truly share our gifts (music) with the world.

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  2. Di

    Hello Dr Dinardo… oh my, what an amazing and beautiful message. Thank you so much for this gentle reminder that says to me ‘reveal your heart and be proud’. 💐💕

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    1. I love how you share how my posts “hit you”. I agree 100%! Courage changes everything. Hard talks and full reveals are tough to do. But the end result is a full heart. (It’s no wonder that courage in French “La Coeur” means heart.) Wishing you bravery in all that you do. xo

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      1. Di

        I’m glad you appreciated my response to your lovely post, Dr Dinardo. Thank you for letting me know. And yes, as a lover of French too, the connection is brilliant isn’t it. Thank you for your kind wishes. You repost about HSP will come in the next couple of weeks too ✨✨💐

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