Laughter saves the day.


What consumes your mind – controls your life.

We live in a world weighed down by disaster, debt, and divorce. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been conditioned to believe that tragedies require tragic mindsets. That serious issues demand serious attitudes. That hardships necessitate hardened spirits.

Thankfully we also live in a world overflowing with abundance, joy, and love. Same world. But we can’t see the good when we’re overwhelmed by the bad.

From overwhelmed to OVERFLOWING.

Making the shift from stress to strength can happen in a number of ways.

Laughter is my favourite instant stress reliever. Taking a long deep breath runs a close second.

Laughter breaks the panic spell. The not enough mindset. The woe is me attitude. The negativity downturn.

Laughter is an instant vacation to a better place – without the travel bills!


Today’s challenge / opportunity:

  • Today’s challenge is to lighten up. To breathe deeply into what stresses you. To leave room for grace. To respond with a light heart and an open mind. To dance a little dance. To laugh with friends. To nourish your soul.
  • Ultimately to remember who you were – before life weighed you down. For it’s in our joy that we find our voice. It’s in our abundance that we embrace our authenticity. It’s in our laughter that we save the day.

38 thoughts on “Laughter saves the day.

  1. It’s funny the things we will find to stress about. Right now, in the midst of things that most rational people would find reasons to worry about, I find myself stressed about gaining a few pounds over the weekend. It’s ridiculous. Literally, letting something like this weigh me down (the pun was not lost on me!). But, I know that it’s temporary, that things will get lighter/better, and that I’m still just as awesome and diligent with my health as ever. Life has its ups and downs, just as my weight on the scale, regardless of how hard I try to keep things even. I just have to bob and weave like a boxer and keep my head up.

    How do I do this? I laugh. Often. It’s better medicine than anything else.

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    1. Your self-awareness continues to blow me away. Combined with your mastery of words & your honesty = a best seller in the making! You are so right when you say that you can “spot the illusion” in your thinking yet still struggle with the consequences on your psyche. The upside is that tomorrow is another day & a more uplifting thought is merely one laugh away. You got this!

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    1. SERIOSITY. Brilliant Brad! We do the same in our home. One word shifts (the goofier the best) of a place much higher than the “problem of the day”. Our one word is HAMBURGER. And it works! Shifting us lighter. Every single time. 🍔✅😎

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    1. For sure! Laughter changes everything. My husband & I can go from an argument to laughter in the blink of an eye. Literally a wink. It’s in that moment that we realize how trivial our disagreements are in comparison to our blessings.☀️🌎

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      1. I guess as we get older we are more willing to laugh at ourselves and feel less threatened when we make a boo-boo. In the difficult roles you have laughter is probably what keeps you sane some days. We’re glad we brought a smile to you.

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  2. I don’t know how I missed this one! Love it!! “Laughter breaks the panic spell” and all other “spells” we find ourselves in! Funny that my post today (7/28) hints at this. . .

    Thank you for your uplifting post!!

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    1. Laughter is the ultimate stress reliever. Something that we have to be open to since “canned” sitcom style laughter rarely if ever works. It’s that unexpected funny bone tickle that takes us to our knees & brings us back up again. Better. Stronger. Ready to take on the day!☀️


    1. Exactly! It works in relationships too. For example: Whenever my parents are driving me crazy!… I remember who they were when they saw my first speech or took me to hockey practice. It’s at that moment that I soften my critical gaze, take a deep breath, and welcome them back into my heart. True story. 🥊🙌

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