Emotional Freedom.

Freedom doesn’t come from holding on.


Freedom comes from letting go.

 Again and again and again.

Too often we are hard on ourselves for having to release the same thought, emotion, person, or situation over and over again. When in fact this is how life flows.

Letting go and surrendering are an ongoing process. And as necessary for our mental health as eating is for our physical health.

We must eat three times a day. And sometimes we have to surrender (thirty) three times a day.

And that’s ok. That’s just how the journey goes.

Helpful Link: Letting life flow.

42 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom.

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  2. Andrea, God I love this. Surrendering what I think and what doesn’t work is one of the greatest keys I know to freedom – and awareness of my own loving.

    You are a sweetheart. I’d love to highlight this post for the Forgiving Fridays blog I do. Is that ok by you? Blessings to you, Andrea!!! 🙂 Debbie

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  3. Surender. I literally surrendered yesterday to a very formidable oponent, a family member who can not understand my illness, lifestyle, not my choices. This is my younger sister who lives in the suburbs and all is as it should be in her marriage and with her children. She is angry at me, hs been for years, I think it is because I no longer am who she looked up to. So, I surrender! I broke our lillte war of silence we so happily maintained and I started communicating with her again… slowly… but I am surrendering and allowing myself to be free… Sorry to vent, but I really needed this post today! ~Kim

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  4. Letting go and allowing the Universe to do what it does is something I’ve struggled with over the years. I try to walk the fine line between having intentions and accepting what shows up, even when it’s not what I want. It’s hard. I like to be in control.

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    1. I so get it Jerry. The truth is that we all love to be in control Jerry. It’s a human condition shared by us all. Some Type A’s more than others..

      The key is to know what to let go of with surrender. And what to face head on with fierce determination. Therein lies the answer. The fine line in between. This is where the daily practice of releasing takes place.

      One controlling -> One trusting thought at a time.

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    1. I love how you write “It doesn’t just happen.” This is one of my favourite sayings. It reminds us that anything worth having takes work (including emotional freedom & peace of mind). A concerted effort. A daily habit. Thank you for sharing! 🙌

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    1. Yes Bernadette! Letting go & surrendering is an ongoing process. Sometimes the same thought. Other times something new.

      Either way, knowing we’re not alone in this (repetitive) letting go process helps tremendously. Your words help get us there. Thank you!

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  5. Love this and how it conveys detaching does not have to be brutish like hacking off a limb with an axe. Letting go can and should be gentle, like exhaling deeply only to discover your belly can push in a little more to exhale even deeper.

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