Every time you smile, I smile.

 Did you know that today is World Smile Day?

It’s the first Friday in October every year. (October 6 in 2017.)


Small gesture. Big impact.

I smile a lot. So much so, that one of my coworkers calls me “smiley” and almost everyone else I know (including my mom) calls me “sunshine”.☀️

What about you? Are you known as the smiler at work and in your family too?

Why do I smile so much? 1) I love brightening someone’s day, 2) As an extrovert, I’m wired to smile, 3) I have a lot to smile about, and 4) Smiling feels so darn good!

So it’s no wonder that I love this very cool day dedicated to smiling. If you’re also interested, you can check out the World Smile Day website. It’s filled with articles, history, and fun events happening around the world. Smiling rocks!


Fascinating research on smiling.

Smiles are more than skin deep.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t help but smile back when someone smiles at you? And why it feels so good when someone (strangers included) smile. It turns out that smiling is linked to a specific type of neuron called mirror neurons.

“Neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, MD, who with his colleagues at the University of Parma first identified mirror neurons, says that these neurons could help explain how and why we “read” other people’s minds and feel empathy for them.” Source: APA Monitor

The ripple effect of positivity.

Mirror theory helps us understand why emotions are so contagious. Just like mirrors reflecting back visual images, mirror neurons cause us to instinctively mimic the facial expressions and emotions of others. Simply seeing someone smile generates a community chain reaction of positive emotions and behaviour.

One more reason to share your good vibes with the world.

Every smile helps!


Smiling is good for your health.

Need more reasons to smile?

Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile. An opiate like structure that is the chemical equivalent of morphine. Smiling has also been shown to reduce stress hormones and rewire the brain.

No wonder smiling feels so awesome!

Let’s Celebrate World Smile Day Together

For the next 24 hours, make note of all the things that make you smile. Big smiles. Small smiles. Sly smiles. Goofy smiles. Anything and everything in between.

Just writing about what makes you smile – will make you smile. I guarantee it.

Teaching college students all about positive psychology makes me smile!

Don’t forget to share what makes you smile today.

Every time you smile, I smile.

37 thoughts on “Every time you smile, I smile.

Add yours

  1. I love to smile! It made me smile when I saw there was such a thing as world smile day when I got online today. I go out of my way to smile at every person I come across each day because it may be the only smile they see. Both of my girls have picked up on it and make a ton of people smile by going out of their way to get their attention just to share a smile. Of course at 2 and 8 they can get away with it 😉

    1. We share a love for smiling at strangers! The best is how you are raising your children to pass the smile on! The gift of smiling has always been a key piece of my resilience. No matter how tough days may get, a simple smile mirrored back from a stranger (or friend or family) reminds me that I’m not alone. Just like your comments and your posts Niki – they bring us all closer together. Like minded. Faith filled. Hopeful bloggers. And that makes me smile ALL DAY LONG.

      1. It’s amazing the way people can’t help but smile back. Sure every now and then I come across someone that’s uneasy and doesn’t give one back but for the most part their faces light up. The other day I walked by a man whose face was frozen in a frown, you could just see the wrinkles in his face had settled and deepened due to his permanent frown. I smiled and it caught his attention, my 2 year old waved and smiled and his eyes lit up and his entire face changed. It warmed my heart 🙂 Awww you’re too kind. ❤

        1. Such a beautiful story!

          Smiling IS key to survival. Especially for older adults who tend to be isolated.

          We think of our life purpose as some “grand scheme” when in fact it’s those little moments of connection that add up over time. <== This is our life purpose.

          So much so, that it's embedded in our brains. Mirror neurons are activated when we smile at each other.

          Mirror neurons and smiling research:



          1. It’s funny, that reminds me of my kids. My youngest will be 2 soon and she can hear me laughing and just start laughing because I am. No clue what’s going on, no idea why I’m laughing, she just responds. I’ve even watched movies on my laptop and she hears a laugh and starts laughing in her sleep in response to the laughter.

  2. I smile when I see something I like. My friends, babies, puppies, snow, coffee, tea, chocolate, presents, another smile. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Andrea!

    1. The simple things in life are so incredible, aren’t they! Together they weave the fabric of our lives and the goodness in our heart. Thank you for sharing yours! (Smiling BIG TIME as a type this.) Have a wonderful weekend too! Mine will be extra special as it’s Canadian Thanksgiving.. 3 day holidays are always something to smile about!

  3. I smiled today at my first aqua aerobics class for many years when I managed to keep up with the rest of the class, I smiled when my sister treated me to my favourite ice cream, I smiled when I read my comments on my blog, smiled visiting two aunties and met my Aussie cousin and I smiled again at a gift left from an other lovely cousin… The days not over yet!

  4. Reading thoughtful blog posts from other bloggers makes me smile.
    Why? Because in today’s world of micro-attention spans, it relieves me and gladdens me to see that there are people who take the time to pen down their thoughts, their stories, and their poetries.

    1. Awwww. Kids are the best! No matter how young or old. Thanks for sharing! I get a bump in joy just imagining yours. Thanks also for sharing my post with your readers! Domino effect of positivity. 🍃💚

  5. Dr. Andrea …
    Happy smile day …
    Thanks for sharing your smile ..
    Smiling is an excellent tool for a healthy family.

  6. Great post! I didn’t know it was World Smile Day yesterday when I blogged about needing laughter (exponential smiling!). Such great info shared here. And yes, I am smiling now 🙂 thank you!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! That’s a big, bright smile you have. ☀
    I love to smile too, especially when talking to others! I have a semi-smiling resting face, so it’s easy to just go into “SMILEY!” mode from anything ranging from seeing cute and/or funny stuff on the internet to seeing my husband coming home. 😀

  8. Every day should be smile day hey. 😄 Totally transforms a person doesn’t it? I love to smile, I often say to my son when he’s feeling glum “turn that frown upside down” and it always works. Thanks for making me smile with this post. xo 😊

  9. I wish people will understand how fixed our happiness and pain revolves around others. Let’s not be agents of woe to others, rather let’s be selfless with our goodies as to brighten as many faces as possible…

  10. What’s always good and always welcome?
    What’s good for you and the people you’re with?
    What’s absolutely free, and the more you use the more you have, and they can never run out?

    Small miracles, we call smiles.

    Seek peace,


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