Just Breathe.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact on our happiness.

Something so close, so within reach, we often forget it was there in the first place. The good night’s sleep we’re yearning for; waiting patiently at the end of each day. The connection to nature we’re searching for; available 24/7 just beyond our front door. That extra deep breath;  we frequently forget to take.

You possess a power so magnificent, so liberating, right under your nose.

The deeper the breath. The deeper the peace.

Breathing is one of the few physiological functions that can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously.

When everything feels out of control, breathing is the one thing that will always be within our control. The times we’re under the most amount of stress is the exact time we need to expand our breathing – not restrict it.

We must become conscious of breath.

The next time you’re under any kind of pressure. Stuck in traffic. Rushing from class to class. Dealing with a difficult customer at work. Desperately trying to recall answers on a final exam. Wake up to the formidable power that exists within you. Right here. Right now. Right under your nose.

Inhale peace.  Exhale pressure. 

40 thoughts on “Just Breathe.

  1. I practice yoga once weekly & have for almost two decades to help me stay present & simply breathe in the moments that life has to offer. Been one of the single-most important things I’ve EVER done did myself. Great post!

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    1. Chanting! Love it! And I double dare you to chant “inhale peace .. exhale pressure” out loud at least once this week. If anything, the giggles that go with the chant will relieve your stress twice as fast. This I know from experience. LOL.. 🎉😁


  2. So true, Andrea! I love this. I breathe to help me come present, be aware that peace is always with me, and open to gratitude. Thank you for the reminder – I just breathed right now!! 🙂 Have a beautiful rest of your Wednesday — Debbie

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