Psychology 101: Ask Dr. D.


Getting to know my students is one of my favourite parts being a professor.

 Accordingly, I ask students a lot of questions.

So it’s only fair that students get to ask me questions too!

Why did you become a psychologist? 🎥

What’s most interesting about being a college professor? 🎥

I would love to hear your questions too! 💥

41 thoughts on “Psychology 101: Ask Dr. D.

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  1. This is a great post! It’s so important to have a connection with our students and I appreciate that you mentioned cultural factors. I can sense your passion for your work and it’s very inspiring. I hope you post more responses to student questions!

    1. Awesome! That’s great to hear.

      I really appreciate the feedback. As I’m definitely stepping outside my comfort zone with adding videos / VLOGs to my blog. But if I don’t s t r e t c h myself – I won’t g r o w with my students!

      p.s. More to come! 🎥

        1. I wanted to add how much I love your blog. Being mindful as an academic, is so important. The more at peace and present we are — the more relaxed and focused our students will be.

          1. Thank you so much for saying that! I really appreciate it. It’s something I believe in and try to live as mindfully as I can. You’re right – the more mindful I am, the better I can focus and be attentive to my students and their needs. Let’s support each other with this!

  2. I just felt great hearing your words. Being a student (I believe), I should trouble you, ma’am. So, here’s my question. And I’m expecting a one-word answer.

    What do you care about most in your life, ma’am?

    I believe this trouble is enough for now. I shall trouble you more.

    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Great question Mr. Paul!

      I care most about THIS MOMENT.

      Whoever I’m communicating with (this is you) wherever I am (in my home office appreciating my comfie chair) and whatever time of day it is (I love mornings – especially coffee talk).

      Ultimately, I want to make the person (people) I’m with AT THE MOMENT feel like the most important part of my day.

      Because they are. And you are. In this moment. 🍃💚

      1. Only an experienced individual can say this.
        And allow me to tell you what I care most about.

        Hopefully, I will attend your talks one day.

        Till then, take care and spread love.

  3. Oh, Andrea, I LOVE THIS! You are so honoring of your students, I really hear your caring and love of reaching them, and serving what they need. Thank you for your example of what teaching can be about. I love it and you!

    Blessings, Debbie

        1. Thank you for noticing VJ!

          My favourite place in the world is definitely in the classroom. And the funny thing about fate & destiny is that I had zero intention of becoming a teacher when

          I graduated with my PhD in Educational & Counselling Psychology. I only wanted to work in private practice and/or as a psychologist for a school board. Never as a teacher.

          But I guess my dissertation on Teacher Enthusiasm and Student Motivation should have been a clue from the beginning (20 years ago)!

          I didn’t start in the classroom. But thank goodness I found my way here. 🙏💙

  4. It was lovely to be able to hear your voice Andrea, just like from your TED talk. I love how you balance asking questions with a willingness to be asked questions; you level the playing field and share the power! Education really is “empowering”…your class is “empowering!” More please!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Marie!

      As an “honorary student” of mine, I love inviting you in for a sneak peak of all the goodness of my classroom. 100% supplied by my students, for sure. I’m simply a mirror bouncing back light. And then some! 🙂

      p.s. More video blogs to follow!

  5. Dr. Dinardo, I admire your passion for teaching and wanting to change lives. I have a question for you: what would you say is the key to staying positive in every day life?

    1. Great question Zahraa! One that I’m asked often.



      1. ROUTINES

      For me: Routines are magic.
      They lay the foundation for my creativity.
      The source of much of my positivity.

      For example:

      Mornings: my rituals are all about expansion (coffee + soulful conversations + fitness). While my nighttime rituals are all about bringing my energy back in. At night, my intention is to calm my heart, brain, and body.

      I am an extrovert by nature and a psychologist / psychology professor by trade — so I spend my days on the lookout for encouraging and motivating others. This is me!


      In addition to set routines, it’s essential that I restore my own reserve of positivity with b r e a t h i n g space at night and throughout the day.

      Something I talk briefly about in my TEDx talk; where we first met! 😊😊

      i) Breathing space
      ==> Fast forward to 5 minutes 35 seconds in TEDx below:

      ii) Manage Energy, Not Time
      ==> Fast forward to 7 minutes 18 seconds in TEDx below:


      In addition to recharging wisely with fitness, good food, routines, etc., we need to spend our energy wisely throughout the day (be conscious of who we spend time we, what we eat, etc.), let go of relationships and situations that drain us unnecessarily.

      4. SLEEP

      Sleep is everything! It’s the only time our brain flushes out our stress hormones (cortisol, norepinephrine) so no alcohol (I quit drinking as a lifestyle choice in 2005 or coffee late in the day).


      Why does it matter?

      I have a huge duty in my work helping young people thrive.
      Which is why I always keep my energy in mind. 🙏💙

      Video / Blog to follow in a few weeks on (Positive) Energy Management

      Hope that answers your question!


      Dr. D. 😎

      1. Thank you so much for your thorough answer. I really appreciate it, and I am going to try to implement these five keys in my life.

  6. I love this..thank you for inspires me to continue to search my heart if videos align with where I am at right now ..

    I havent yet,because of the list of excuses I can come up with to not do it.. it seems they all sound legit lol.. but you’re right its about stretching yourself more all the time in many areas..this is one I havent done any I’d in this blog but many when I had my gym..why not now too?

    Interesting, whats holding me back, hmmm..

    1. So much fun!
      Teacher enthusiasm, student motivation, and learning was the topic of my doctoral dissertation. Research which has been reinforced over 15+ years of being a full-time professor. Which is why first I foster peace and positivity. Then I teach. Relaxed students are focused students. 🍎

  7. This is a great idea Dr. D. Also, I need to move to Canada to be amongst my drinking people lol Seriously though, it is fascinating how culture creates our reality (sometimes) and if we don’t step outside of our comfort zones to get to know others, then we remain static in beliefs.

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