Challenges are opportunities in disguise.

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    1. Thank you Brigid! For taking the time to watch the video and for your feedback on my post. I always love hearing from you. And imagining you writing your books in your Irish garden of daisies. xo

  1. I think its why it is so important to become transparent.. It opens the door to humanize ourselves in a way that softens what other perceive to believe while giving way for space to connect and share in something that offers hope, comfort and strength.. Courage can be infectious especially when others see and feel that they are not so alone..

    beautiful blog ❤

  2. Well said, my friend. Owning our stuff, being vulnerable, and recognizing fear isn’t from God can move me forward to try. We’ve not cultivated a culture of perseverance. We’ve done more to encourage–especially younger people–to quit or wait for what’s perfect. Love this, Andrea.

    1. Agreed!

      Our suffering is rarely about the moment itself, but rather our constant need to escape it. Magically thinking that if we only do “A, B, C, D… in perfect order” that Nirvana and all its’ prizes will finally arrive.

      Paradoxically, it’s only when we embrace the exquisite imperfections of our present self, time, place, etc. that our thirst for all things “perfect” finally disappear.

  3. This is incredible. I love the focus on how we’re all here to love one another, and how we can simply and easily hold the light for someone. Thank you. This is so dear to my heart, Andrea. Funny, because last night I had a dream that I was in a place where our natural gifts came out – one of mine is to connect with person to person in kindness, consideration, and caring. Thank you so much for this post, Andrea.
    ps – there’s a great Tennyson quote “I am a part of all that I have met.” Thought you might like this, given your sharing. 🙂

  4. I really like #2. I think everyone would be a little better off if they could relax and realize that sometimes its ok, to not be ok. Great read, thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post! The second cartoon at top of page reminded me of my life path to where I am today. But I made it with encouraging people and words like these.

    1. Smiling as I read your note! There is no doubt from your beautiful blog, that you equally encourage and model the high road for all that you meet. p.s. I love that you’re studying psychology! My favourite. 😉

      1. Thank you Andrea, that’s lovely of you to say so! It is very encouraging personally and great to know you find it encouraging also! One of the workshops I’m attending in Bonn next week is ‘Encouragement’ and I am grateful to be living it daily! Likewise thank you for your thoughtful reply. I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming it must be to respond to so many followers. xx

        1. “One of the workshops I’m attending in Bonn next week is ‘Encouragement’ and I am grateful to be living it daily!”

          How awesome is this! My only wish would be at this workshop in Bonn with you. ♥️♥️

          1. Andrea, wouldn’t that be just amazing, to get to meet you and learn along side you! Last year I heard of ICASSI and Bonn but it was only a dream…now it’s just a few days away… it has worked out, so dreams do happen! Xx

    1. DEtours DEtours DEtours … funny how life is! We think it’s supposed to go “just so”. And then the universe shakes us up with a bigger and better plan for our lives. The “catch” is that we don’t realize it until the end (of the journey). Wishing you a smooth sail until the weekend Boomergirl! With just enough of a bump in the road (ocean) to keep life interesting.

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