Choose the THOUGHTS that emPOWER you today.


It takes

one word

one thought

one mantra

to shift our mind

from pain to power.

What will your empowering thought be this week?

I’d love to know.

Share your WORD in comments below ⤵️

uplifting thoughts

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Thanks for visiting my psychology blog!

Dr. D 💖☀️


Add yours

    1. Love it!

      If you have a chance to listen to my video you will hear my word – ENDURANCE.

      emPOWERed minds think alike!

      And the best part is how it came to me..
      Something I know you can relate to.
      HINT: I looked UP & the word appeared..

      Have a wonderful day Syl!


      I am lifted up just reading your words.
      Thank you Lane.
      Wishing you this ^ and more all day long!
      Andrea 💖☀️

      p.s. Please let me know Lane when you upload a new YouTube video.

  1. A wise, beautiful, empowering post. Like that word endurance in the cycling class, I have adopted the word pain. Don’t know if you know this, I had a slip and fall accident down a flight of stairs back in January 2013. Thankfully, I can walk, run, and do everything everyone else does, but I feel intense pain 24 hours a day (since that accident).

    I avoid talking about this, unless necessary. I only mention it now, because of that one word mantra for me is pain. I don’t want anyone to feel my pain. I do my best to inspire, motivate, be courtesy and kind, and inject humor into the lives of others.

    I refuse to let this pain define me. I refuse to let it turn me into a bitter person. It is there and it will be there the rest of my life. I am grateful for all the painless years I lived and I am grateful I am not in a wheelchair. I will not let pain dictate my life.

    Sorry, for the long winded monologue, but this post and your video truly resonated deep inside of me.
    Thank you.

    1. This ^ is why I blog.

      Meeting strong, soulful, writers like yourself. Having the opportunity to dialogue. To learn from. And to be lifted up by.

      I am beyond grateful that you opened up and shared the SOURCE of your POWER. There is no doubt that it is the nemesis, the darkness, the fuels the light in your beautiful poetry.

      You words: “I refuse to let this pain define me. I refuse to let it turn me into a bitter person. It is there and it will be there the rest of my life. I am grateful for all the painless years I lived and I am grateful I am not in a wheelchair. I will not let pain dictate my life.” are a beacon of light.

      You remind me of all the reasons I went into psychology in the first place.
      To learn how to shift from sadness to soaring, from pain to peace, and from surviving to thriving.

      Thank you for being my teacher today.
      Your words MOVE ME to a HIGHER place.

    2. I have chronic pain from triple rollover. Spent time in a chronic pain group.

      You are special, my pain group for the most part were owned by their pain and attitude and pills

      We were over medicated and victims suffering with a PhD pain psychologist leading us down that hole

      You should praise yourself for your mindset

      1. Sorry to hear about your chronic pain and your experience with the chronic pain group and associated professionals. Unfortunately, I get this on every level. As both a psychologist & a patient.

        I will share a video below of how I came to this mindset – through my own portal of pain.

        In a nutshell:
        My mission for my Writing & my Videos:
        Increase access to information for people who don’t have the money or the means to learn about psychology.
        “Psychology for the People”

          1. Goosebumps reading this post ^ Marty!

            “I named my pain, Mr. P., after Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days, Mr. C.”

            So powerful & equally gentle

            We definitely share a mindset & a will to rise above.

            Thank you for sharing.

            Your words strengthen me.

      2. Thank you for saying that. You are very kind. Doctors have suggested opiates and injecting morphine to kill me pain. I prefer to medicate myself with poetry, life, and smiles.

        Thank you so much. I hope your pains are wiped away by beautiful sunshowers and love.

        1. Community is the the best healing of all. Thank you for being apart of mine. When you wrote “I hope your pains are wiped away by beautiful sunshowers and love.” (written like a true poet) I said out loud – THEY ARE. THEY ARE. #grateful #support

  2. Wow Dr. D.!
    That was such an uplifting and creative idea that truly works.
    In fact I was propelled to look up even while watching your video. Thanks.
    BTW: the word that appeared to me was “goodness ” which I will strive for daily.
    ❤️ Dr.Di. aka mom

    1. Hello Mom! aka Dr. Di 💖☀️

      You so get it. All of it.
      The back story and “the way out”.

      Choice is such a powerful tool when it comes to peace of mind.

      The first step is realizing it’s up to us.
      The second is honouring the ‘nemesis’ in our lives. Respecting how they bring us our greatest teachings.

      Wishing you a day filled with goodness.
      Something that you spread everywhere you go.

      Love Always, Your Sunshine Girl 💖☀️

  3. Buddhists say perception is reality, I believe it.

    Also I believe we can handle a finite amount of thought so it is important to choose positive ones or even better trade thought for being present, aware.

    60,000 thoughts cross our path daily. That is more than one a second

    Why do we choose negative out of all those thoughts?

    1. Great insights about how the mind words. 60, 000 thoughts!

      – Psychologists call our propensity to choose negative thoughts over positive thoughts THE NEGATIVITY BIAS.
      – A built in propensity & sensitivity for fearful, negative thoughts.
      – Almost like a protective instinct from the cave dwelling days.


      Good news = I too believe just like you & as the Buddhists do.
      Perception is reality. Which is why choice is our ultimate superpower.

      1. My uplifting thought for the day is be courageous in whatever u endeavor to do in life with the help and support of our Father who is in all of us. U know I have recently published my poetry book on Amazon Kindle and have also published it in India and with the blessings of the Lord all is going well.

    1. My pleasure!

      YOUR TURN:
      What’s your word?
      What’s your empowering thought for the day?

      I share mine in the video & I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same.

      🧐 💭

      1. Mine would be perseverance really. And with that comes the empowering thought of getting through a day that can be physically hard work wise but rewarding because when it’s finished it looks beautiful 🙂

  4. When I recognize a ‘not so good’ thought in my head, I tell myself, “You can pick a better feeling thought” and I easily do! Simple and effective, with a bit of practice.

      1. One word… me? 😉 Haha!
        It’s more checking in with my gut to find out what I’m feeling. If not good, I need to find a thought that feels emotionally better. (Concept from Abraham via Esther Hicks.)

  5. These thoughts are not only encouraging and genuine, but there’s also redemption in them as people see their way through the pain. The negative. Honestly, apart from knowing God, I don’t know how I’d deal with pain, loss, sadness and all the other heavy and dark parts of life.

    My words are kindness and courage–for me, they go hand in hand.
    It’s more of a focus on others than on my own “stuff”, and a reminder of how blessed I am.

    I love your word–endurance.
    Staying the course in a world that opts out so often is a tough but beautiful choice.

    Thanks for this, Andrea!
    Beautifully said!

    1. Kindness + Courage.
      What a magical combination Dayle!

      One of my favourite quotes is “Be Strong Enough to Be Gentle”.
      Your words remind me of this ^^

      Thank you for taking the time to participate in this activity.
      Every time I read a empowering word from a fellow blogger,
      I am lifted up & above whatever troubles me.

      I adore the universal human experience.
      “Together We Rise.”

    1. I am going Amen your AMEN because Mr. Carey, you are so ON POINT
      Words spoken on the inside & the outside have the power to heal or harm.

      “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

      You might also appreciate this video, where I also contemplate the power of words:

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