Free Yourself 🦋



1. What would you stop doing if you only had one year to live?

2. What would you start doing if you only had one year to live?

3. What do you need to let go of to feel a sense of happiness, well-being, and peace? 

4. What and who do you no longer want to be obligated to?

5. What joy do you wish you had more time for?



Take a long deep breath and meditate on your answers. You’ll be surprised at what your soul has to say.


Make it yours. 

Dear Readers:

This video is equally a note to you + me reminding us to live with discernment and wisdom. For not everyone in our life appreciates the limits of our time and energy. And that’s ok. For we are the magic wand. We have the power to make choices. We have the ability to overcome social conditioning. We have the authority to change what and who we want in our lives. What and who we give our energy to unnecessarily, repeatedly, unconsciously.


This ^ is freedom.

60 thoughts on “Free Yourself 🦋

    1. Craig

      We are all creating our stories, I believe everyone has a choice.

      We are unlimited, any resistance to this is our own conditioning/self imposed limitation.

      Everyone of us is so much bigger than any of our thoughts/stories we have used to define us. Its time to connect/listen to that bigger space around use holding all those smaller beliefs.

      This is freedom and its right here right now. we are it.

      Now to allow is my focus.

    1. If you read through the 55+ comments on this post you’ll see that you’re in good company.

      For often the tenderest of souls are so busy taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves.

      May my psychology blog be your daily reminder of how equally deserving you are of your own love and kindness.

      Breathe it all in. 🌸🌷💖

  1. This really makes me think a lot about my life and what I’m choosing to do with it. I think really taking time to think and understand what I truly want in life now and not waiting is the best thing for me to be the happiest and most positive I can be. 🙂

    1. I love that you are appreciating how much power you have over your own happiness Jasmin. By first deciding who & what in your life contributes to your well-being and peace of mind. Choice is everything! Embrace it fully. xo

  2. Iiving with discernment and wisdom is a quality that I have really been working on.

    Yes Andrea some people really do not appreciate the limits of my time and energy and I do have to ‘fight’ with certain people to find some space.

    At times I feel I want to release some of them from my life but don’t know as whatever I give doesn’t seem to be enough.

    In my past life I was paid to do some aspects of this and at times I feel as though some of my friends are akin to a caseload.

    1. Right Margaret! I so get that 🙏⚡️
      It takes bravery to speak up and tell your friends what you really need.
      More fun. Less drama.
      More joy. Less complaining.
      Wishing you this ☝️ and more! 💖☀️

    1. Yessssssss!

      Courage -> Freedom -> Happiness

      Care for others. Love them unconditionally.
      But as one reader wrote above ☝️ that doesn’t mean you have to go on a camping trip with family members every moment, every holiday, out obligation.

      Instead as you weigh in – in your comment – have the courage to speak up and ask yourself the tough questions.

      Courage -> Freedom -> Happiness


      ☀️ make it yours ☀️

    1. What would you define as mature? 🤔
      Emotionally / Intellectually mature perhaps? 💜 🧠

      The key is to question & reflect often.
      And to blame less & take responsibility more.
      Otherwise we live a life of victimhood.

      What do you think Mitch?
      When did you begin asking these kind of questions?
      For me, it was at the start of my 4th decade of life 🗓

  3. These are questions that prompt scary answers! But then there’s the little voice at the back of the head saying, “Well, I don’t REALLY have one year to live, so I don’t have to face that . . .” How to be brave?

  4. These are such powerful questions to ask ourselves. And you’re right Andrea. We need to make the most of every moment. We have choices. Every day is a gift. ❤️ xx

  5. We are all interconnected and whether we like or not, acknowledge it or not, we all owe each other consideration and cannot do it alone. For life isn’t safe without each other.

    Yes be kind to ourselves and equally be respectful to others.

    1. Agreed! Respect & kindness are everything. Be equally respectful of our own needs & the needs of others. And if the consideration repeatedly isn’t returned, then it’s a red flag 🚩to reflect on how we want to spend our time.

        1. Yes! You have articulated the intention behind this post so beautifully. So perfectly. Thank you! I now have a new fresh way of looking at family relationships that weigh me down. Love them. But don’t camp with them. Literally and metaphorically! 🔥 ⛺️ ❤️

  6. Your question: “What and who do you no longer want to be obligated to?” .. triggered a lot of emotions and sentiments in me. And I realied that there are just so many things i am obligated to do that do not actually contribute to my well being…and there are people too, that I am obligated to be nice to, who do not share a piece of joy and happiness on me..

    1. The good news is, just as I say in this video, we are the magic wand, we have the authority over our lives to make the choice over our precious time on this Earth.

      And though it can be daunting to say No to the takers & drainers in your life (I get it — I write from personal experience), the key 🔑 is to make the FREEDOM change, one baby step 👟 at a time.

      YOU. GOT. THIS.

      May you discover the magic inside all week long. 🎩🔑☀️🦋

  7. Brilliant wisdom!

    We have no idea what will happen tomorrow–or in an hour.
    But we can determine how we’ll use our time!

    I love how you call us the magic wands–we make those choices.
    We make the decisions of how we’ll spend our time.

    Thanks for the reminder of our responsibility to ourselves–and to those who are really important in our lives.

    Well done, my friend!

    1. Your words are magic! Thank you Gayle. You are a continual source of positive energy for me. Grateful to have found you on WordPress. And I especially appreciate how you weave a new level of wisdom into my videos and blog posts. xo

      1. You know what you’re talking about!

        God has blessed you with insight and wisdom and the words to convey it understandably.

        That’s a gift, my friend. And you’re using it!

  8. Ajibola Sunday

    What a great reminder Andrea, and thanks for sharing. This post is a bit similar to the one I posted today, it’s also about choosing to live life with happiness, gratitude, and courage.

    1. My pleasure! I just took a little “blog trip” over to your site. Wonderful post Ajibola. What a wonderful way to begin my week. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙏💙☀️

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  10. This is a great reminder.

    I especially loved in the video when you said “Stop being obligated where nobody cares.”

    We humans spend so much of our life trying to please others and those others don’t care.

    Thank you for the wonderful advice 😊

    1. Thank you for watching & reflecting Michele.
      People pleasing is my achilles’ heel.

      “An Achilles’ heel or Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall.”

      A weakness ^^ that uplifters like you ^^ helps me rise above!

      Andrea☀️🦋 ✈️

    1. Thank you Kamal for taking the time to read & watch the video. It’s equally a “note to self”. For not all the people in our lives give equally and unconditionally.

      Reminding us to share with both an open heart PLUS wisdom and discernment.

      Givers vs. Takers — critical distinction

      Waking UP & Ultimately saving ourselves for what matters most: People and Situations that ECHO back Health. Love. Freedom. JOY. And so much more.

      Wishing you fun & freedom.
      All week long!


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