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During difficult times, I often tell myself:

What a difference a day makes.”

This one simple sentence helps me to remember that tomorrow is a brand new day.

Illuminating the possibility that what looks like the end in that dark moment, could in fact be preparing me for a whole new destiny.

Story behind the story

This video and blog post were inspired by a very dear friend of mine experiencing unexpected health problems.

And how during treatment she often says that it’s my positivity and upbeat nature that brings her to a higher place.

My friend knows what’s wrong.

I remind her of all that is right.

Including this moment — right here right now.




What word or phrase gives you hope during difficult times?

What keeps you going?

What helps you hold on?


  1. Andrea, for me it’s all about perception. I had a slip and fall accident in 2013. Ruined half the vertebrae in my back. I live with intense pain everyday.

    Having said that, I am grateful for the yesar I had no pain. I consider myself lucky because I still walk, run, and dance, and not sitting in a wheel chair.

    It all depends on how one chooses to look at life. I am a lucky man.

    1. Your answer just gave me goosebumps. You are the epitome of grace. You channel your pain into power via your poetry and your generosity. I am honoured by your words and your perceptions, everyday. 🙏☀️

  2. Well said and honesty the truth. The next day guaranteed will be better. You are Awesome Professor!!🧡🥊

  3. I love this Andrea. Focusing on what’s right and what’s good in our life and knowing there’s always something to be grateful for, always, truly is the key, even in dark times. A wonderful post. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. xx

    1. What a beautiful thing to say! And the best part is that you are my friend. And I am grateful to share this creative, every inspiring WordPress Blogging community with you! One day we will meet for coffee. I am sure. #teachers #writers #canadians xoxo

  4. Agree what a difference a day makes.

    To which I add..

    What a difference a good night’s sleep makes.

    What a difference a good chat with someone makes..

    What a difference
    A good book.
    Warm soup
    Connection to God
    Trust in yourself
    Know we are not alone, we are loved..

    What a difference this all makes

    And when it is all toooooo much, just believing this too will pass, and I will be okay.

    I really believe my meditation and daily spiritual classes keeps me together, even when my life seems to be falling apart.

    If we take life as a test paper that we will pass, us another one that helps me.

    Thank you for your great posts and videos, you really are great and uplifting.

    1. Yes!! So much YES Bella.

      “To which I add..
      What a difference a good night’s sleep makes.
      What a difference a good chat with someone makes..
      What a difference
      A good book.
      Warm soup
      Connection to God
      Trust in yourself
      Know we are not alone, we are loved..
      What a difference this all makes”

      Beautifully said + lived Bella!
      Thank you for making my morning twice as bright.

  5. I look for divine intervention in everyday. If I am alive and breathing, then I know I’m still here for a purpose. Also not getting caught up in circumstances an allowing them to drown out my hope. Thank you, Andrea! Have a super weekend!

    1. Reading your words Syl is like walking through a sanctuary of hope and gratitude. Thank you for sharing and for continuing to shine a light on all that is good in this world. Especially people like you! Have the most incredible weekend too!

  6. As always thought provoking

    I hope to live my life fully in the face of tribulation. A tall task when serious consequences are attached.

    Hope expands when Worry lessens, I have noticed.

    Getting lost in thought robs me of hope.

    Accepting my plight, letting the noise pass, has increased hope and calm.

    I still struggle with hope at times, life is not easy for any of us.

    I hope to let the noise pass so I can experience the reality of my present challenge.

          1. You are training nurses and healers, inspiring them to care and be passionate about their calling is much needed.

            PTSD, depression anxiety and suicide are at epidemic rates.

            Teachers like you are extremely valuable

            It is not only the knowledge you pass in but the sentiment in the heart and passion to heal as many as possible.

            It is not just about the money,

  7. I’m not a Buddhist, but read about it quite a bit. There are terms used in Buddhism such as darma and samsara. I invented my own term, “hurrah”.
    There are the tiniest things in this world that warm my heart and to which I cleave. Every cloud and every leaf, every bird and dog and drop of rain has inherent beauty in it. I see these things glowing, leaping out from the background, and I am thrilled by them. This is my “hurrah”.
    Any time I am down, distracted, off my mark, feeling directionless, I tell myself “Your hurrah will find you.”
    And it does. No matter where, no matter what, if I am patient for the tiniest slice of time, something beautiful in this world will find me, speak to me, get me back on track.
    Hurrah can exist anywhere, even inside one’s mind.
    I am practicing and preparing for the days ahead, as my physical being wears out.
    I’ll paint until arthritis locks up my hands. I’ll play the guitar until my muscles can no longer press the strings to the fretboard. I’ll read until my eyes can no longer see, then I will listen to audiobooks until my ears can no longer hear.
    I will walk through this beautiful world until my legs can no longer carry me.
    And I will carefully place these experiences in the gallery of my mind’s eye.
    Someday, when I lie in a bed with no visible signs of life, in my mind I will be walking and painting and writing and singing, and enjoying all the other things my hurrah will bring me.

    Seek peace,


    1. You are so welcome! I appreciate your encouragement. As fellow educators, we have a lot in common. Leading the way by being the way. Something you write about often in your compelling leadership posts. Which is why you may enjoy my TEDx talk too. Link below.

  8. Sometimes after an incredible tragedy it takes awhile for the lights of hope to shine again. I very clearly remember like a sun rise the day I began to feel hope. The darkness was was so dark and vast I couldn’t feel or see a thing. I clung to the hand of God because it was the only thing I knew for sure and certain. When hope returned slowly at first oh, how precious it was. Today I’m grateful for my vision. I’ve always been a positive person….hope is a gentle ladder that I can keep climbing up to get out of the pit. I am grateful for hope! I too thrive under pressure.

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