Celebrating Moms Everywhere

Let’s not wait until Mother’s Day to celebrate moms everywhere.

Let’s celebrate moms today.

Including my own.

Moms of every age. Moms of every country. Moms of every kind.

  • Cat moms.
  • Dog moms.
  • Aunt moms.
  • Friend moms.
  • Professor moms.
  • Neighbour moms.

The only thing that matters is love.

Love For Mom

Sharing Mom Memories

And since Mother’s Day is all about love, I wanted to share this fun video memory with you.

Our Recap of That Day:

Don’t chase the destination my dear, chase the feeling.

Because the feeling will always bring you home. 💗

Who’s on your love list today?

 Share how you have fun together

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32 thoughts on “Celebrating Moms Everywhere

Add yours

  1. There are no words suffice to express how touched I was by your post today.
    Having you as such an accomplished, beautiful, sunshine daughter Andrea (aka Dr.D) reminds me daily how blessed I am. All my love mom (aka Dr. Di.)

    1. Awesome Mom aka Dr. Di
      I am so happy you loved the surprise!
      I thought it was way more fun that a mother’s day card.
      Can You Feel the Sunshine in my Smile?
      Your Daughter aka Dr. D xo

    1. Thanks Dr. G! ❤️
      She will really appreciate your note.

      My mom has a winter place in Sarasota Bradenton. Not quite where you live in Florida, but definitely closer (and warmer) than Canada. 🏝

      1. Oh wow! I know exactly where that is and have been there few times. I have a friend who’s a singer and she performs at the theater there frequently.

    1. Hope you’re enjoying your special day Bernice!

      Though I was not blessed with my own children, I have always viewed the word “mom” as synonymous with love. An energy that I have brought to everything I do.

      Especially the sharing of psychology in all its’ forms. Teaching. Speaking. Coaching. Writing.

      All shared with love. ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Brad! I can feel the good vibes in your note & all that you do.

      May you find peace in Mother Nature today. A mother that you honour in all your writing, and everything you do.


        1. Wonderful knowing you sense a mothering energy from me. It’s my intention every time I connect and share. I want people to feel as thought they are in my home. Safe, uplifted, and cared for. No matter where they are.. 🌍💞 #YouAreHome

  2. I can feel the smiles, fun and love you have for your beautiful mum through your words and pics here Andrea. So wonderful! 💙😊

    1. Ahhh thank you my dear aussie friend. Your words brought so much joy to my heart. And my mom’s too. Because I know that she will be reading this today.

      The comments on my blogs is her favourite part of my psychology blog! Community = Love. Grateful to be apart of yours. 💙😊

    1. Thank you my New York City poet & friend.

      You always have a knack for discovering the golden thread in every post.

      “Isn’t the word mother synonymous with love?”

      Yessssss So much yes! ❤️❤️

  3. What a great memory to preserve. Ours is a family a mostly strong women (and a few men who tolerate us) lol. Honouring their strengths and loving natures should be a daily event. I concur!

  4. Write a list is it? Okay and in no particular order:

    My daughter who is a mum, because she is an awesome mum and I appreciate the thought of that. Also my grandchildren’s mum’s all of them, because so far the proof is in the puddings and the kids are all turning out well.

    Oh and me, I appreciate me as being a mum, because if I hadn’t taken up the role, who knows where the heck I would be now. I wonder what horrible person I might have turned out as, if the kids hadn’t grated me a little smoother by the experiences, been given their love and then all that testing of my patience.

    It really is a good life saying: Person who thinks only of themselves, has very little to think about.

    1. p.s. Oh and I appreciate the thought of my mother and for not killing me, putting food in front of my face many times that I liked, washing my clothes, running a bath… loving me in her own way and did I mention not killing me? {{{giggles}}}

      1. I hope you realize what an incredible sense of humour you have!

        Thank you for all the shares and all the incredible women on your list. We can never take the basics for granted.

        Mothering takes a lot of sacrifice. No matter the age of us or our moms.

        Wishing you a Sunday filled with laughter & Joy


        1. I love to laugh and this morning a little bit of coffee laughed through my nose, as a TV presenter said “terrorised…” instead of “televised…” of something very important, said by someone who is considered very important.

          Laugher is all around us and is there for the picking. So, best foot forward, pick the good fruits of life and leave the rotters.

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