The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

Honour the Space

The time in between is a difficult time for all of us.

Myself included.

A super organized (type A) person like me becomes a little unhinged in the space in between.

But don’t we all?

In Between

Wondering if we still have what it takes.

Hoping we can still make a difference in the world when the pandemic ends.

Which is why I wrote this post today.

Highlighting the shared challenge we all face between the old and the new.

Change is a lifelong process.

Let yourself feel what you need to feel.

Take a breath. Enjoy some rest.

Give your monkey mind a break.

In Between Quotes

It’s ok to not be ok.

What comes also goes.

Honour the space in between.

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45 thoughts on “The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

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    1. Yes VJ! Smiling as I type this. It’s this precarious balance between present moment awareness, surrendering the past, and staying hopeful in the future. The very essence of FAITH. Trust in the unseen. In the same way that a gardener believes the seeds they planted will bloom again. Trust in the in between. Ourselves included. Writing helps .. 🌈❤️

  1. I hadn’t thought of the times we are in as the “space between…” – and the idea of honoring it as such. Perhaps that would help it feel less like a fall off of a cliff. Thanks for the quote and the video.

    1. It’s in the falling that we find our wings 🦋

      Think back on how many of your strengths were built in the STRUGGLE. Painful at the time, but oh, so worth it in the end. The key is not to develop “stress amnesia” .. and instead WAKE UP to the fact that “we’ve had the INNER power all along.”

    1. “We try to skip it all the time.”
      So true!
      Only to be dragged back, again & again,
      until we surrender to the discomfort of BECOMING.
      Just like butterflies in their cocoons. 🦋

  2. I have begun reforming my life, releasing my anger, and choosing to smile so that I can create yet again from a base of love and peace. Much love to you, Andrea!! A new and improved world is ready to be birthed. xo

  3. Yes…
    Change is the only constant…
    Maybe this is the break we all needed to step back…review… rediscover… re-imagine..reinvent…and chart out a new path..

      1. That’s so true Dr. Andrea….
        The environment and situations always tries to push us towards what we need…but then the wants and desires come in between….specially a great desire to be ‘someone’ what time what some people expect us to be….that’s where the ability to distinguish between the ‘ call of time’ and the ‘ want of ours’ comes into play..not easy but doable….
        The call will pull us to the path whereas a want may push us away..

        1. Brilliant Krish. Your words are poetic.
          I love this part especially:
          “The call will pull us to the path whereas a want may push us away..”
          Have a wonderful Friday!
          Dr. Andrea 🌞

  4. Oh the space in between, a fertile field to plow

    Being a meditator, the space between the inhale and the pause or the exhale and a pause, has a beginning and an ending

    Can we be aware of when the inhale stops and the pause begins.

    If we look at a pendulum, there is a space when the pendulum stops before heading the opposite way.

    Buddhist say the space between breaths are a door that opens up to the other side of our consciousness.

    In life, there is a Grand Canyon of difference between the present moment a when compared to the past and future. Only one is real, the past has already happened, while the future is a mirage.

    1. – As always Marty, your words bring me to a heightened state of consciousness. Thank you for this. And for all you do.

      “Buddhist say the space between breaths are a door that opens up to the other side of our consciousness.”

      Your insights always bring me home: To the only true power: Now

      – Something I also talk about in a recent video post (similar to one of your recent blog posts):

      ‘YOU are NOT your THOUGHTS’

      1. We are really not Andrea or Marty. Or our thoughts.

        That is the identity that we think mirrors our core.
        That can cut many ways.

        For me, having a violent narcissist as a father my Ego was extremely unworthy. Took me years to learn that was erroneous, a mirage of abuse adopted to survive.

      2. Great video

        Surrender to your thoughts

        As you say come back to now

        I have many ways to practice that

        One way I touch my thumb to each finger while repeating

        Release, release, release, release

        Stare at an object for 30seconds and draw the scene with as much detail as you can remember.

        Great training exercise to increase your awareness

        Or the easiest

        Let your senses rule

        See, hear, smell and feel any body sensation.

        1. I love that! Grounding is everything. I do five sensory exercises with my students at the beginning of each class. That said: Your suggestions ^ will be an wonderful edition. I especially felt the peace in this one: “One way I touch my thumb to each finger while repeating
          Release, release, release, release.” Thank you Marty. You enLIGHTen us all.

          1. I also have learned to be extremely sensitive to my nervous system

            It is a by product while working in my group with bi polar disorder

            It is habit for me to bring my breath to any anxiety any agitation

            I slow my breath as I see hear and smell

            One more

            My affirmation said out loud

            In this moment right now
            I feel my body overflowing with kindness approval and safety

    1. Yes Syl! So much Yes!
      Life truly is a 100 year birth canal.
      The key is to stay focused on the light..
      Otherwise we get stuck – literally!
      Connecting with you Syl always helps
      Wishing a luminous weekend 🌞

      1. As long as we can keep our focus on the light we will always have a brilliant guide to follow.
        Thank you so very much and yes, connecting with you always helps
        You have an inspiring weekend 🌞

      1. Great question! It has defined who I care about most – that has become more clear than ever. And I reconnected with why I started my blog to begin with. Much love to you, Dr. A.

        1. So much clarity + love in your answer! Which isn’t surprising since 20•20 means clear VISION. And coVIVID includes similar nomenclature. Thank you for sharing and continuing to connect Christy. Learning and growing with kind, ambitious, creative women like you is = my 20•20 vision board. Keep shining! 💡🌎💞

  5. Your words are not only wise, Doctor Andrea, but as always, relevant for this time in which we are living. Thank you for the encouraging reminder. Many years ago I accepted the the fact that change is a constant. Yet it has never ceased to surprise me, when change confronts me, I am always rattled for a while until theory becomes reality and rubber hits the road. I am grateful, in time, I accept the changes; the most wonderful news is that the time lapses between happening and acceptance are shortening with each change experience in my life.
    Certainly, we must all agree that the lockdown legislation has brought a global change unheard of in the history of humankind.
    I confess to struggling with the change, but grateful that I have peace within and it won’t be long before total acceptance of current changes will be mine. Bless you, Peter

    1. So true as you write about how logically we know change is inevitable yet emotionally we always shocked when it happens. No matter how many degrees or years of life experience we have – change cripples us…. BUT what sets pain apart from power is HOW LONG we’re stuck and whether we use the experience as a launching pad or a holding cell. Me: I choose wings .. writing helps remind me of the strength inside. And so does connecting with blogging friends like you Peter. Grateful for your encouragement and reflections. From 🇨🇦 to 🇬🇧 in this together! 🌍

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