Enjoy Every Moment

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have.

Nothing Lasts Forever.

Good or Bad.

Enjoy Every Moment.

Embrace it.

Be it.

See it.

Everything you appreciate is you reflecting back.

Homework for Today

Look Around You.

Notice Things Like You Are Seeing Them for the Very First Time.
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33 thoughts on “Enjoy Every Moment

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  1. Aw, thank you for this Dr. Andrea!! Your video really brightened my day, thank you. Love your message of seeing things around you as if you see them for the first time! Blessings ❤️

      1. Aww I love this! I felt your beautiful presence too, you have such fantastic energy!:) Thank you for sharing your bright spirit and knowledge with us, it´s wonderful. Much love! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Being a child learning a new thing about an old thing.

        I think I a pretty decent at cleaning. But mum is always smarter and wiser. So I learnt a lot. Well been learning a lot this week. And it has been good to be a child again with new eyes. These old eyes miss the new things, the ego thinks it knows it all. But a wide eye child sees the new and is ready learn via playing..😉😉😉

  2. I love the days that when this happens spontaneously, all my surroundings feel like very new, as if seeing for the first time. What a gift! Your post reminded me of that. 😊 I really appreciate your psychology blog. Thank you!

    1. I see so many young people struggling with the roller coaster nature of COVID 19.

      Especially when it comes to mindfulness and staying hopeful during their college and university studies.

      Hence the motivation for both this ^ post and last week’s psychology video:

      We have lived through adversity Norah, and mindfulness was (is) our saving grace. For some: it’s a whole new life experience.

      Love knowing you’re appreciating each moment with me.

      Thanks for reading to the background behind this post.

      Multilayered, as always. That’s what makes life interesting.

      Change. 🍁

    1. When things are good (even during the pandemic) I often think: Who Am I To Be Happy?

      And when things are bad I often think: How long will this _______ last?

      “Nothing last forever” reminds me to enjoy the good – really enjoy the good – and breathe deeply through the bad.

      Because… nothing lasts forever.

      A wisdom, my professor twin, that we are both blessed with because of our age (silver lining.. literally!).

      A little (virtual) coffee (blog) talk as I type this up in (chilly) Canada.. ❤💭❤

      Have a wonderful day Dr. G!

  3. Awesome reminder, thank you. This makes me think of this quote: a moment is all we can ever ask of perfection. I forgot which book that came from. You are so right. If we see the world with wonder, it will reflect it back at us.

    1. The only thing better than seeing the world with wonder – is sharing the wondrous view with fellow bloggers like both of you Markus and Micah.. Wishing you both a day filled with renewal and unexpected inspiration. 🍁

  4. Hi Doctor Dinardo, wonderful to hear another inspiring message – been a while since you came through. Like a big vitamin B Jab, only with no pain and ready-to-fly feeling. Thank you. I have, for a number of years, kept a daily gratitude journal and it works wonders for me. Blessings.

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