Let Your North Star Guide You

Mindfulness Tip: Look Up

The sky connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Challenges appear small in comparison to the vastness of the sky. Solutions seem plausible. Answers come more easily. In the presence of stars, we embrace the profound and surrender it all.

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  1. This is one of my favourite mindfulness tips…”look up, breath, release, one quick glance to inner peace” a quote of yours that I regularly call upon, day or night! Much love to you and I hope you are well. X

    1. “look up, breath, release, one quick glance to inner peace”

      How much I love that!

      Thank you for sharing your mindfulness tips.

      Simple things on repeat change the world.

      ⛅️ ☀️ 💖 💫

  2. Sage advice, Andrea. Most of our problems are of our own making.
    Looking up and SURRENDERING to something greater than us IS what gives us direction, strength, power. I love this topic.

    1. Thank you for reading & reflecting!
      I really appreciate your perspective Shawn.

      The best part =
      How connected you & I & the rest of the world are when we look up.

      Miles apart.
      Stars together.

      🌟 🌎 🌟

  3. Nice post. Got me thinking. Let the sun shine and let me soak in the heat and the nurturing love of the sun. Let me just be. Like flowers shining bright and just being. Like the birds chirping away .. just being free, just being a live.. just living..

    We are bigger than our worries..

  4. I’ve always been a sky watcher. In fact if I’m at work and feel tense, I get up and go take a prayer break. I love to focus on trees, flowers, and the sky of course because they have a healing power I believe. Also I like to take photos of things I see. I always have a camera with me.
    I love your video and your TEDx talk. Have a wonderful week. ❤ Hugs

    1. Thank you so much Michelle Marie! For sharing your insights and for watching my video(s). Focusing on our NORTH STAR was such a big part of my TEDx Talk – and my everyday motivation, so I am especially appreciative that you remembered the reference and how this post fits in with my TEDx Talk.

      Reading your words “I love to focus on trees, flowers, and the sky of course because they have a healing power I believe.” brought a peace over me. Wishing the same for you. All week long. xo

      1. Aww this is exactly how I feel when I’m out there focusing on nature. I’m so happy we are connected I love your inspiration and many time I share about you to my daughter and friends that I met. I love those one on one Divine appointments. Thank you for being here and for being you! xoxo. ❤

  5. Reminds me, the left cognitive hemisphere, our Thinker is not the power of our mind.

    It is our right side, where no words, no judgments, no thoughts, no right or wrong, no good or bad that is unlimited, spacious, creative.

    The cognitive side is a beach ball the creative side the Pacific Ocean.

    Love your post.

    1. Thanks Marty! I always enjoy your articles on mindfulness.
      So reading your feedback, is rewarding x 2. 😀 😀

      “The cognitive side is a beach ball the creative side the Pacific Ocean.”
      Great analogy!

      Your reference to the L-R hemispheres is perfect for this post.

      The L-R hemispheric specialization is a topic I teach about and wrote about a few years ago: https://drandreadinardo.com/2017/09/18/are-you-left-brain-or-right-brain-dominant/

      One of my favourites for helping people be more self-aware.

      1. .
        Do not give Power to what is in your mind,

        give Power to where you are.

        This conveys a specific message that come back to now or be in the mom e t escapes most

        Giving power to where we are starts with reading our senses

        An ever present activity

        1. Thank you for watching! I feel like you’re right here with me LOOKING UP and giving power to where WE are.

          BTW.. I am 100% with you on our 5 senses and how they are the entry point to mindfulness.

  6. In my loneliest times, I’d go out into the backyard, look up at the moon and stars, and feel deep gratitude knowing I belong and that God had a plan. Thanks for the positive energy and the Tolkien quote!

    1. Joanna, I can relate on so many levels. I so appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the moon and the stars. ^ The ultimate guidance system. ^ Especially when we’re feeling low. Wishing you a weekend filled with joy. 💖

  7. So true..the sky always bestows peace..just look up inhale and think positive and good will come…
    We Indians strongly believe in stars guiding our destiny..
    Stay blessed Dr Andrea 🙏😇❤️

    1. Love learning about your culture Jas & Krish. Especially given what’s happening in your country right now. Your words and comment are a full circle reminder to look up, be guided, and have faith in what’s yet to come. .✨ #NorthStar #Community

  8. Thanks for this! I watched the video included in the post and also your Tedx. Loved the layering of your ideas. Question for you about your Tedx: How did you come up with the idea of North Star guidance as a way to stay committed to long term goals while under pressure? So helpful right now.

    1. I appreciate you for watching my TEDx talk too!

      To answer your question..
      “How did you come up with the idea of North Star guidance”

      After many years of practicing as a psychologist (I retired my practice in 2016) and more recently as a full time professor, I noticed the biggest struggle was in the “in between”.

      And how the answer could never be found in the problem – but in a reconnection to our original dreams. For my students, it’s their dream of becoming a nurse. Add in FAITH and TRUST and symbolized by LOOKING UP to something bigger than us.

      The purpose of my tedx and blog (and the North Star metaphor) is to help people find peace, purpose, and strength in uncertainty.

      Thank you for the question Erik!

  9. I’m always looking up too. Exactly why I follow Neil deGrasse’s work. Are you familiar? Interesting to hear your thoughts on astrophysics and psychology connection.

    1. I love the work of Neil deGrasse.

      So much so, that I vowed to spend my free time learning more about astrophysics.

      I share my desire to learnin more in this video (at the 3 min, 27 sec mark):

      Still a work in progress!

    1. Right?! I have found over the years, that it’s the simple things on repeat that make the biggest difference. Both in my earlier work as a psychologist, and now as a psychology professor. Everything we need exists inside and around us. The key is to remember who we are.

  10. It is so true not to be stuck in our heads, can be a dangerous place. Important to create space, look at the vastness of the world and sky. And read things, listen, watch things that are positive, uplifting, remind us to see wider than our inner chatter, and posts like yours always help so much.

    Great Post as always

  11. Oh, I do agree with this Andrea. When we get outside of our head and connect to something far greater than ourselves, the North Star, suddenly anything is possible. So great to hear you again. 💙🙏

    1. Thank you Miriam! For your kindness and your encouragement.

      I am finding real life much more peaceful than online life these days. Media and Social Media included.

      Something I share in this interview

      So much propaganda and overwhelm in the news – on television, in the newspapers, and on social media. (I know you get it!)

      Which is why I have been taking a step back from writing. I need to be refreshed for when I return to the classroom this fall – whether it be online or in person.

      The good news is that it doesn’t take long to rediscover our connection to nature!

      EMOTIONAL CPR is my hope for all of us!


      Every day of the year!


      1. I LOVE that! And I feel exactly the same way Andrea but I think you know that. The only way through all of this perpetrated chaos is to let go of the fear and the best way to do that is by stepping away from everything that instills it. If only everyone could do that.

        I love your emotional CPR.

        Thank you for your inspiration my friend. Enjoy nature’s gifts, as I am. 🙏💙

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