Anchor Yourself With Light

Take a moment and anchor yourself with something that lights you up.

That reminds you that you are not alone in this storm.

You have been here before.

It may have been a personal pandemic, not a global one.

But somehow, deep inside, you made it through.

And you will again.

You have the courage, the mindset, the heart, the soul.

You Are Not Alone in This Storm

Together We Will Make It Through

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24 thoughts on “Anchor Yourself With Light

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  1. Such a beautiful and heartwarming post and video, dear Dr. Andrea!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful light and human warmth with us. I feel truly grateful to be connected with you on here, and to learn from you.

    Many blessings from Spain 💗💗 and much love to you 💗💗

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch!

      The affirmation my heart needed today to remind ME that I am not alone in this storm.

      From Canada to Spain and back again.

      Together. We. Will. Make it through.

      🌎 🇪🇸 🇨🇦💙

      1. My pleasure! Your offerings and your wonderful energy really speak to me, and I really felt compelled to let you know 💗 There is always hope 💗 Big warm hugs and lots of good vibes to you 💗 🌎 🇪🇸 🇨🇦

  2. Your hopefulness is such a boost to those who read your blogs, my friend. We do need to be anchored to the one Light that will always be Light. He alone is our safe harbor, our courage, our hope.

    Thanks for these great reminders. We alone can determine our attitude – and you point continually to our responsibility to do just that. I appreciate you.

    1. As you wrote, “we alone can determine our attitude”. So true. Blaming and complaining exhausts us. Accountability and ownership frees us.

      May we all have the courage to surround ourselves with people that support and encourage us, and equally the courage to walk away from those that don’t.

      Life is short. … travel light ✨

  3. Heart rendering words, Dr. Andrea, spoken with deeply sincere compassion and feeling for others.

    I am fascinated by lighthouses. We have 84 along a 3,500 km coastline encircling our island. Their history dates back to the fifth century, in the form of fires built on hillsides by monks. No buildings have witnessed the terror of the sea like lighthouses (especially the offshore lights). And lived to tell their tales.

    More importantly, lives that were given by those who built and maintained their light. Your image of the lighthouse is as dynamic and pertinent as your life-giving message. Thank you for regular selfless sharing, Dr. Andrea. Blessings, Peter.

    1. I am transported by the visuals of your comment! Thank you Peter. For taking the time to share. It underscores the power of symbolism — forever transcending the moment and connecting us all. 🙏🕯🌎

    1. Me too Nova. Me too 💛 A beautiful centuries old symbol of how we’re not alone in this storm. Something or someone is lighting our way. Even when we can’t see it. The light still shines. ✨

    1. Amen Mitch! This philosophy is the reason you will (almost) always find me smiling. Even in the face of adversity. I know that I am not alone in this storm.


      On December 8th, I gave a speech to 450 plus staff at our Windsor-Essex County Health Unity (WECHU) on Stress Resilience Skills (3 C’s of Thriving Under Pressure, my TEDx Talk).

      During the virtual presentation I underscored the importance of ‘broadening and building’ during a personal + public health crisis.

      Based on the psychology research of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson I demonstrated the importance of ANCHORING OURSELVES WITH LIGHT in dark times.

      Wishing you and your family a holiday season filled with light and love.

      Andrea ✨

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