Every time we take a long deep breath, we are telling our bodies that we are safe. Each breath connecting our mind, body, and heart. Bringing us back to present time. 5 Breathing Techniques: YOUR TURN What brings you peace during uncertainty? What gives you strength? Breathing Video → Watch Here

Breathe and Receive.

When I’m struggling to get through a difficult day, I look to the trees for inspiration and refuge. All they do is give. And all we need to do is receive. Again and again. With every single breath. And every single step.  Peace lives here.

Self-Talk That Lifts You Up

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s your conversation with the universe.” As humans, we can’t help but look to the next rung on the ladder. Forgetting the 100 rungs we have already climbed. Today’s Psychology Challenge Take note of the trail behind you. The hard work. The success. The heartbreak. The soul awakenings. The overcoming…. Continue Reading →

Peace Lives Here

  Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Hot coffee. Cozy blankets. Birds singing. The sun rising. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Savour the sunshine. Taste every morsel. Dance with abandon. Stroll by the moonlight. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Breathe deeply… Continue Reading →

Put a Time Limit on Negativity

Time and Energy Management When I was a kid, my mom set a timer for almost everything we did. Whether it was how long we spent doing our homework, weeding the garden, watching television, or complaining about life’s challenges. 1. Passing versus Permanent Difficulties Setting time limits helped us understand that nothing lasts forever, good… Continue Reading →

Free Your Soul

Soul Reflections ⚜️ What do you need to LET GO of to feel a sense well-being?  ⚜️ Who and what do you no longer want to be OBLIGATED to? ⚜️ If you had only one year to live, what five things would you STOP doing? ⚜️ What JOY do you wish you had more TIME… Continue Reading →

Uplifting Mantras for Uncertain Times.

Life lived backwards makes perfect sense.  You finally understand WHY the job, the partner, the degree, the house, the friendship, the ______ didn’t work out.  BUT what about in the “here and now”? How do we make the leap of faith during the darkest of days? MANTRAS mantras mantras.  Find a phrase that moves you… Continue Reading →

Finding the light.

How do you start the day? Do your morning routines lighten you up? Or bring you down? Early morning rituals spark the divine in me. No matter the day. No matter the moment. Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there. Fueling my creativity. Illuminating my path. Shifting me higher. Today’s Angel Reading —… Continue Reading →

The Shadow Effect

Psychology Class The Shadow Effect One of the things I love to do is share what’s happening on campus in my psychology class. Today’s Topic: The Shadow Effect Watch this short video and consider the following questions: What is your shadow? How does it serve you? Where does it come from? How do I bring… Continue Reading →

Rest in Truth

Truth is truth Let them talk. Let them chatter. Let them say what they choose to say. Because at the end of the day truth is truth. And nothing can stand in its way Rest. Relax. Sit back. Breathe in deep. Stop trying to convince anybody and everybody of anything and everything. At the end of the day… Continue Reading →

Enhancing well-being during the holidays

Do you find Christmas holidays stressful? If you’re anything like me (and Santa Claus), you answered yes. Something I wrote about in the December issue of The DRIVE magazine. Including the benefits of leaning into difficult emotions. Because the more we try to fight discomfort, the longer it lasts. “The root of all suffering is attachment.” Buddha Stop… Continue Reading →

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