Happiness in present time.

Our left brain lives in the past and the future. Our right brain lives in the here and now. One scrambles for solutions to problem after problem. The other sinks into the present moment, trusting all is well. Which side of the brain will you live on today? I choose my right brain. Right here…. Continue Reading →

Health and Happiness.

Reflection Questions When someone asks you “What makes you happy?” does your answer differ from “What makes you healthy?” Do you consider your health requirements essential and your happiness needs selfish and superfluous? Or perhaps you rate health and happiness as equal and interdependent. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Related: Is Happiness a Choice?

The key to happiness.

Let go of what is outside your control. The next time you are gearing up for another fight with reality. Winter; Traffic; Parking; Deadlines. Try rolling with it. Surrendering to what is. Letting go. No matter the circumstances. Hold on to what brings you joy. In surrendering, you save precious energy for the joyful in your… Continue Reading →

Is Happiness a Choice?

The Happiness Question Have you ever wondered why some people remain upbeat and positive despite the chaos that surrounds them while others are utterly miserable even in good times?  What explains the difference between these two groups of individuals? Are happy people just lucky people born happy? And unhappy people born miserable?  Or is happiness… Continue Reading →

Happiness is a conscious process.

When you notice the blessings in your life (big or small), happiness happens. One conscious thought. One mindful emotion. One insightful gesture. One moment of wonder.. at a time.☀️ Inspiration: 21 positive thoughts for your morning. 

Happiness in One Word

  At the beginning of my Is Happiness a Choice? presentation I ask the audience to write down the one word that best describes what has brought them the most happiness in the past 12 months. How would you answer this question? In one word, what best describes the people, places, or things, that have… Continue Reading →

Psychology Interview: Arms Bumanlag Good News Podcast

“Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning of All Wisdom.” Aristotle The Arms Bumanlag Project — Good News Podcast Psychology Interview Video and Audio Formats Watch on YouTube: Click Here Watch on Facebook: Click Here Listen on Spotify Podcast: Click Here Listen on Anchor FM Podcast: Click Here All Psychology Interviews — Click Here Psychology Reflection Your… Continue Reading →

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Cultivating Mental Health Daily: Psychology Speech

Positive Psychology in Education This month I had the opportunity to give a speech on positive mental health practices to 700 people at the Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Audience Members The audience was comprised of education support staff and front line workers, including Education Assistants, Child and Youth Care… Continue Reading →

Empowering Conversations About Change

The Psychology of Change During this week’s health psychology lecture, we talked about the psychology of change, including the parts of our lives that remain ‘unchanged’ during rapid and unexpected change. What Remains During Change? CHANGE > ANCHOR > ADAPT > TRANSFORM Anchoring Exercise Make a list of what remains consistent in times of rapid… Continue Reading →

What advice would you give your younger self?

Live Zoom Conference At a recent leadership conference, student leaders from St. Clair College’s Student Representative Council SRC had the opportunity to ask questions live during the final portion of the virtual training event. Ask Dr. D The student leaders raised the reflection bar high during this discussion period. One Question Stood Out The Most… Continue Reading →

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