Peace Lives Here

  Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Hot coffee. Cozy blankets. Birds singing. The sun rising. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Savour the sunshine. Taste every morsel. Dance with abandon. Stroll by the moonlight. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Breathe deeply… Continue Reading →

Acceptance: Your Peace Depends on It

Acceptance and peace go hand in hand. Watch Video — Click Here Consciously accept the good and the bad that exists in your life. The rain and the sunlight. The shadow and the light. Shift your focus. Change your life. Accepting what is does not lower the bar. Quite the opposite. Acceptance shines a spotlight on… Continue Reading →

The deeper the breath, the deeper the peace.

The next time you are under any kind of pressure. Stuck in traffic. Rushing from class to class. Dealing with a difficult customer at work. Desperately trying to recall answers on a final exam.  Wake up to the formidable power that exists within you.  Right here. Right now. Right under your nose. Breathe The deeper the breath, the deeper the… Continue Reading →

Inner Peace

Take a long deep breath with me. Inhale Calm Exhale Chaos Release Let Go You are more powerful than you know. Breathing Video — Watch Here

Let peace begin with me.

So much happens in the course of a day that is beyond our control. There are 100 ways to respond. And only 1 way that feels right. Overslept. Choose peace. Ran out of coffee. Choose peace.  Stuck in traffic. Choose peace. Missed a deadline. Choose peace. Technology overload. Choose peace. Nonstop meetings. Choose peace. Bossy coworker. Choose peace. Burnt… Continue Reading →

Inhale Peace. Exhale Difficulty.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact on our happiness. Something so close, so within reach, we often forget it was there in the first place. The good night’s sleep we’re yearning for.. waiting patiently at the end of each day. The connection to nature we’re searching for.. available 24/7 just beyond our front door. That extra deep… Continue Reading →

Anxiety Relief Technique

FEAR is an illusion 5 Why’s Technique The 5 Why’s is a simple and effective technique for understanding the source of our fears and cognitive distortions (irrational beliefs) one why at a time. Exploring the Unconscious Mind An analytic (below the surface) strategy originating in the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. What’s… Continue Reading →

Let Your North Star Guide You

My Wish For You Today May you find peace in your home. And calm in your heart. No matter the storm. Psychology Thought for the Day The goal isn’t to get rid of all our negative thoughts and emotions. The goal is to change our response to them. To accept them without judgement. To transcend… Continue Reading →


Every time we take a long deep breath, we are telling our bodies that we are safe. Each breath connecting our mind, body, and heart. Bringing us back to present time. 5 Breathing Techniques: YOUR TURN What brings you peace during uncertainty? What gives you strength? Breathing Video → Watch Here

Finding the light.

How do you start the day? Do your morning routines lighten you up? Or bring you down? Early morning rituals spark the divine in me. No matter the day. No matter the moment. Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there. Fueling my creativity. Illuminating my path. Shifting me higher. Today’s Angel Reading —… Continue Reading →

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