Radio Interview: Why People Refuse to Change Their Minds

Interview Now Available 📻☀️ I begin 6 min 24 sec into radio segment: JULY 28 RADIO SHOW TOPIC: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Why facts don’t change our minds I would love your questions and reflections on the topic of why people refuse to change their minds and/or adjust their stance on a political, personal, relationship, or… Continue Reading →

WHY change NOW?

The first question I ask clients wanting to make a change is “Why Now?” For there is no doubt that they (and you and I) have been wanting to transform an aspect of our lives for a very long time. But the intrinsic motivation just isn’t quite there. The kind of motivation that is essential… Continue Reading →

What’s your why?

Shifting from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation We live in a world that rewards frivolous behaviour with fame and fortune, so it is no wonder that some students expect their motivation to come from the outside, in the same way that reality show contestants expect to win a million dollars, simply by “showing up”. How can… Continue Reading →

Emotional CPR: Catch Pause Repair

One thing that I have learned as a psychology professor and former psychologist is that “simple things on repeat” have the greatest impact on our health and happiness. This is why I want to share a sustainable model of emotional and mental health habits called CPR: Catch Pause Repair. CATCH What Triggers You? Catch yourself… Continue Reading →

Back to school!

Today marks my 20th orientation with Bachelor of Science Nursing Students at St. Clair College. No matter how many years I attend Fall orientation, it feels like the first time. No matter how many times I work with students, it never gets old. Their first class is my first class. Their struggle is my struggle…. Continue Reading →

Cultivating Mental Health Daily: Wellness Speech

Mental Wellness Education This month I had the opportunity to give a speech on cultivating mental health daily to 700 people at the Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Audience Members The audience was comprised of education support staff and front line workers, including Education Assistants, Child and Youth Care Workers,… Continue Reading →

Psychology Class on Addiction and Stigma

BELOW THE SURFACE PSYCHOLOGY In psychology class this week we are talking about stigma and drug addiction and why it’s important to lean in, listen, and get curious about why people do what they do. End the stigma. Change lives. COMMUNICATION CLEAR AND CONCISE The second topic of discussion in psychology class is clarity and… Continue Reading →

What’s Your Endurance Mantra?

Transforming our mindset from pain to power and stress to strength is key during uncertain times. And particularly important for students across Ontario as they complete final college and university exams this semester! What mantra or affirmation shifts your mindset from stress to strength? From pain to power? I would love to know. Watch the… Continue Reading →

Twelve Days of Self-Care

I am a strong believer in keeping things simple. The less complicated things are, the more likely we are to repeat the behaviour. Especially when it comes to health and happiness habits. Twelve Days of Self Care Day 1: Mindful Mornings Add five to ten minutes of relaxation to each of your morning routines. Time… Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence Tips and Techniques

5 Ways to Create Meaningful Connections in a Virtual World This list was initially created for students embarking on a new career during covid-19. It also includes EQ techniques helpful for everyone. Your Turn: How Do You Create Meaningful Connections in a Virtual World? Watch 3 min Video of Post: Click Here

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