Training and Coaching

In addition to keynote speaking and presentations, Dr. Dinardo offers onsite coaching and training workshops for individuals and groups.

Training and Development

Each training program is customized to the unique needs and requirements of the organization. With an emphasis on learning outcomes and simulated, real-world takeaways.

Training varies in length, depending on the goals of the individual or group.

Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation services are also available for individuals and groups. This is not therapy. It is a brief (full or half day) solution-focused approach to a specific problem or situation.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Leveraging Personal Strengths
  • Enhancing Motivation and Purpose
  • Thriving Under Pressure and Adversity
  • Staying Positive in Negative Situations
  • Fostering Health and Wellness Habits
  • Positive Psychology and Stress Resilience

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