I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.


Strength is hard won. No one can buy it for you. Give it to you. Leave it for you in their will. Strength is built from challenge, from difficulty, from overcoming.

When you deprive someone of life’s ordinary trials and tribulations by rescuing them each time they fall, you deprive them of their strength, their resilience, their ability to save themselves.

The next time you’re tempted to save someone from hardship (out of guilt or for any other reason), let this moment be your wake up call.


You are not a bad person for keeping your distance when someone suffers through heartaches, school difficulties, job challenges, financial woes.

Quite the opposite. When you hold yourself back from rescuing people from life’s normal ups and downs, you allow them the opportunity to build strength. Something that can never be taken away.

Strength is my armour.

Hard won. Forever mine.

Today, I am thankful for every hardship, for every challenge, for every hard fought battle. Why? For they have chiseled in me, an inner strength that rises up – every single time I meet a new difficulty.

My Story:

In this video I share the vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue I encountered early in my career as a young psychologist. And how this led to my current work in stress resilience and thriving under pressure (topic of my TEDx Talk).

Your Turn:

Which challenges have created your greatest strengths? Which difficulties have paved the way for your best opportunities?