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ADD1961B-84F6-42B2-8BE8-193DD0739C5A Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a psychology professor, speaker, and coach who applies positive psychology to facilitate personal growth and transformational change.
In her TEDx Talk and on her psychology blog, she discusses how to thrive under pressure using three stress resilience tools: challenge, commitment, and control. A framework for self-actualization used throughout her coaching, teaching, and speaking practice.


1. Psychology Coaching Services

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In addition to presentations and workshops, Dr. Dinardo offers coaching and education sessions to individuals and groups. This is not therapy. It is a brief solution-focused approach to a specific situation.

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2. Psychology Speaking Services

Contact Dr. Andrea to book speaking services for in person or virtual training, workshops, keynotes.


Most Popular Speaking Topics

    1. Thriving Under Pressure
    2. Mental Health and Wellness
    3. Psychology of Resilience
    4. Embracing Change
    5. The Optimism Mindset
    6. Empowering Conversations
    7. Leadership and Team Development
    8. Igniting Motivation and Commitment
ADDITIONAL TOPICS Available and Customizable 

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