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The Arms Bumanlag Project

“My guest is a psychology professor, TEDx speaker, and former school psychologist who applies positive psychology to facilitate personal growth and transformational change. Bring your questions and join the podcast conversation LIVE! Enthusiasm, heart, and connection are guaranteed.”

Season 2 – Episode 2

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Season 2 – Episode 39

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Mental Health Matters

Situational vs. Clinical Anxiety

“Dr. Dinardo discusses the difference between anxiety disorder and situational anxiety and how either can be heightened during the pandemic and times of racial unrest. She provides us with 3 strategies to support a healthier lifestyle while living with situational anxiety.”

Watch: Anxiety Interview


The 3 C’s of Positive Psychology

“The DRIVE recently sat down with Dr. Andrea Dinardo, a psychology professor, and former school psychologist, to discuss her techniques helping others Thrive Under Pressure, the title of both her TEDx Talk and her psychology blog.”

Drive Magazine Interview: Read Here

What She Said Talk Radio

Emotional CPR: Catch Pause Repair

“Are you struggling emotionally because of this pandemic? Psychology professor Dr. Andrea Dinardo explains Emotional CPR, which stands for Catch, Pause, and Repair. It’s a technique we all need to learn especially during these times.”

Airing Across Canada on 3 Radio Stations
105.9 FM The Region
107.7 Pulse FM
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Listen: Emotional CPR

CBC-TV Interview

How to Embrace Change

In this interview on CBC-TV, Host Chris Hyndman and I examine the psychology of change. Including how individual differences (e.g., Type A vs. Type B, Optimist vs. Pessimist) impact how we respond to change. We also share 5 ways to embrace change. Including staying open and receptive to new beginnings and unexpected opportunities.

Watch: CBC-TV Interview

What She Said Talk Radio

Energy vs. Time Management

“Dr. Andrea Dinardo thinks that in order to get through this pandemic, and in fact all stresses in life, it’s crucial to give meaning to the suffering. I invited her to join me on What She Said when she shared a video on Instagram that completely changed how I manage my days.“

Airing Across Canada on 3 Radio Stations
105.9 FM The Region
107.7 Pulse FM
Blast The Radio

Watch: Energy Interview


Community Resilience

“My first “live” community resilience event with Sam Piercell, a fitness entrepreneur, from Windsor, Ontario.”

Watch: LIVE Q & A

Listen 2 Me Podcast

“In this two-part episode, Gio and Renée chat with Dr. Andrea Dinardo (she/her): a psychology professor, published author, TEDx speaker, and retired psychologist making psychology accessible for anybody growing through life’s challenges. If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a “Gio” or a “Renée”, this episode is for you. Dr. D takes Gio and Renée through an analysis of their own personalities, along with a wide range of other topics—including her research into toxic positivity; her personal philosophy of “belief optimism”; the importance of boundaries on and offline; the difference between psychology and coaching. Detours—and there are so many detours!—include resilience and grief therapy, The Big Five Personalities, the importance of friendship, the impact of performing vulnerability online and its connection to empathy burnout, and the importance of taking stock of your accomplishments.”

Listen: Podcast Interview — Part 1 and Part 2

Western University

Field of School and Applied Child Psychology

“Our mission is to prepare school psychologists to create and use the knowledge of psychological science in ways that enhance the well-being of children, youth, and families in schools and communities.”

Watch: Western University Interview

AM800 The Morning Drive

Loneliness During COVID-19

“Dr. Andrea Dinardo, Psychology Professor at St. Clair College, joins Mike and Lisa to talk about coping with loneliness during COVID-19.”

Loneliness Article: @TheDriveMag
Loneliness Interview: AM 800 CKLW

What She Said Talk Radio

COVID-19 Resilience Tips

107.7 Pulse FM and FM 105.9 The Region

“Keeping spirits bright this holiday season is going to be challenging with social distancing mandates in effect, a worrisome economy, and loneliness affecting us all which is why invited Dr. Andrea Dinardo to share her best tips for surviving and thriving through holiday 2020.”

Listen: 45 min 25 sec mark

AM 800 Sunday Morning Live

Social Media and Mental Health

“April Anderson and Dr. Dinardo talk about social media and the effects it has on your mental health.”

Listen: Sunday Morning Live

What She Said Podcast

Thriving Under Pressure in 2020

“The connection between mental and physical health is indisputable. The challenge of course is getting your head on board with this knowledge. Dr. Andrea Dinardo thinks that in order to get through this pandemic, and in fact all stresses in life, it’s crucial to give meaning to the suffering.”

Listen: What She Said Podcast

Mental Health Matters Podcast

Situational Anxiety and COVID-19

“Dr. Dinardo and I discuss the difference between situational anxiety and anxiety disorder and how these mental health issues may arise during the pandemic and times of racial unrest. She provides 3 strategies for coping with situational anxiety.”

Listen: Anxiety Interview

Ambitious Mama Podcast

Posttraumatic Growth in Adversity

“During this podcast, Dr. Andrea Dinardo and I discussed how posttraumatic growth and thriving under pressure are possible for all of us. In different gradients, and at different times for sure. Depending on where you are in your journey. And how we all have pain. It’s universal to all of us. The key is to not get stuck in the challenge and let pain become your identity. Instead, with the right set of skills and encouragement, we all have the capacity to grow from adversity. To learn from it, and grow to a higher place when the time is right.”

Listen: Podcast Interview

BANA Podcast

BE YOURSELF Healthy. Happy. Hopeful.

Thriving Under Pressure & Turning Self-Criticism into Self-Compassion

“In this episode, Stephani and Dr. Dinardo speak about what positive psychology is, turning your perceived flaws into strengths by moving from self-criticism to self-compassion, posttraumatic growth and how adversity can be beneficial to us, boundaries around social media use, the magic of prevention work and maintaining hope.”

Listen: Podcast Interview

Lemon Soul Podcast

Psychology of Mental Wellness

“Very honoured to sit down with Dr. Andrea Dinardo this week and divulge all my lemon soul questions with her. A true testament to her work as a psychologist and now psychology professor, this episode is FULL of good advice! With a deeper insight into many of our mental health struggles and the science behind how our brain is working.”

Listen: Podcast Interview

Respecting the Process Podcast

Transformational Change

“The principle of Respecting the Process as explored by a psychologist. Themes expanded on in this episode include; how to begin implementing positive change into your life, making the choice to motivate yourself through difficult challenges & investing oneself into the present situation.”

Listen: Podcast Interview

AM 800 Sunday Morning Live

Boundaries and Oversharing

Politics and Emotional Intelligence

“April Anderson and Dr. Dinardo talk about 1) politics and emotional intelligence, 2) what happens when people overshare, 3) why filters are important, and 4) a psychological concept called floodlighting.”

Listen: Radio Interview

AM 800 Sunday Morning Live

Cognitive Dissonance

“April Anderson talks to Dr. Andrea Dinardo about the psychology of why people choose to ignore fact.”

Listen: 6 min 24 sec mark

Magazine Interviews

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