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Dr. Andrea Dinardo lights up a room even before she begins! Exceptionally creative and intuitive with her audience, her preparation is detailed and pinpoints our objectives in her presentation. She leaves her audience feeling uplifted and energized. Most importantly they leave equipped with information and techniques that enable each attendee to better pursue their career dreams or improve social and family relationships. Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a just what your organization may need to take it to the next level or get you out of that funk that can so easily set in within an organization. Dr. D is exceptional…just ask college student leaders across Ontario!


It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Andrea Dinardo on “The Steven and Chris Show”. Not only is she a leading expert in the field of psychology, she is a speaker that delivers information that is enlightening, inspirational and easy to understand.


Dr. Andrea Dinardo was such a dynamic and inspiring speaker for the recent “You Can Do College” event!  Her presentation on “Thriving Under Pressure” was truly motivational for all the high school students, teachers, guidance counsellors, and college staff that were in attendance.  Seeing her passion and uplifting energy was a great way to start the day.  Dr. Dinardo’s speech was filled with not only her encouraging messages but also practical advice for everyday living.


Thank you Dr. Dinardo for delivering an energetic, interactive and informative workshop. Your Pitch with Passion resonated with everyone, and the way you engaged with each person demonstrated how much you truly cared about our students, and their success. Your unique combination of learning outcomes and willingness to help others made your workshop a true success. And your charisma and outgoing personality added to the energy in the room. We continue to get feedback from students about how you’ve impacted them. We highly recommend Dr. Dinardo. She is skilled in a number of areas and we’re certain she would deliver an equally powerful workshop, regardless of the topic.


Dr. Andrea Dinardo was an incredible speaker for our “May You Be Well” event. She provided an inspirational talk on positive psychology to people affected by Crohn’s and Colitis. At this symposium, Dr. Andrea helped people to understand that they are in control of their mindset and their thoughts. She was very impactful, and we received many compliments on her talk. We would most definitely love to work with her again in the future, and we would absolutely recommend her as a speaker for your next event.


Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s “Thriving Under Pressure” keynote presentation was both engaging and informative.  Our sector is very stressful, yet Dr. Dinardo reminded us that we need to experience stress to experience personal growth.  Her session gave attendees practical tips and concrete skills to handle the pressure that often comes with stress. Our group walked out well-equipped and motivated to return to our professional endeavours and invigorated to go forth and find our “whys” to keep us headed in the right direction.


Andrea recently presented a talk on Flow to our technology group here at EDC and she certainly kept the group on their toes. Her style is motivating and engaging and she uses lots of funny stories and examples to make the subject hit home with everyone. Andrea is obviously passionate about what she does and that makes a difference for the audience. We did a survey after our group event and it was indicated that a number of the concepts she spoke about, like personal empowerment in the workplace, would be worth discussing in more depth.


I met Dr. Andrea Dinardo during my time as a student leader with the College Student Alliance. Her presentations were engaging, and impactful and she became one of the most respected, talked about and sought-after presenters in the Ontario college leadership scene. After listening to her multiple keynote speeches, she inspired me so much that I invited her onto my podcast to discuss how to develop a positive mindset. This podcast has since been listened to thousands of times. Dr. Dinardo is a key reason as to how I developed the confidence to start my own business and cultivate the mindset to keep it running despite many hurdles and obstacles. She has ultimately helped me to understand how to constantly continue evolving, developing and growing as a person Thank you Doc, I wouldn’t be here without you!


When you get to sit down and host a podcast with a personal idol of yours, it is a little surreal! As soon as I found out former psychologist and current psychology professor, Dr. Andrea Dinardo was going to be coming to the studio, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! And finally to have her in my space to talk about some of the science behind so many of the things we discuss here at Lemon Soul Studios was such an incredible honour! I have never felt more grateful to have shared this time with Dr. Dinardo, to feel her contagious energy, to soak up her presence, and rejoice in such a deep conversation both on and off the record. She is the human embodiment of love and exactly the kind of people I adore having in my life.


We had the pleasure of having Dr. Dinardo recently speak at our staff training. Dr. Dinardo’s talk “Thriving Under Pressure” really struck a chord with our team. Not only did she give our staff teaching techniques we can use in class, but also in our personal life too. She was able to create rapport quickly with each of our trainers and gave them the tools to look within themselves when it comes to Commitment, Challenges, & Control. I highly recommend Dr. Dinardo to any company that wants to take its team to the next level.

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