Radio Interview: Why People Refuse to Change Their Minds

Interview Now Available šŸ“»ā˜€ļø I begin 6 min 24 sec into radio segment:Ā JULY 28 RADIO SHOW TOPIC: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Why facts don't change our minds I would love your questions and reflections on the topic of why people refuse to change their minds and/or adjust their stance on a political, personal, relationship, or... Continue Reading →

How we talk to ourselves matters.

How we talk to ourselves matters tremendously. Particularly in the eye of the storm. Having a ā€œgo toā€ mantra in times of stress helps. Especially in the uncomfortable (agonizing) moments between stress and strength. Video of Blog Post ā‡’ Click Here A mantra that has helped me over the years is imagining myself: g... Continue Reading →

Donā€™t give up. Great things take time.

Donā€™t give up. Great things take time. SometimesĀ we have to go through the worst. To get to the best. Fall down 7 times. Stand up 8. Today is your day. Your time to rise up! Trust and Believe in 2019 This blog post and classroom videoĀ above are dedicated to all the students around the... Continue Reading →

Enhancing well-being during the holidays

Do you find ChristmasĀ holidays stressful? If youā€™re anything like me (and Santa Claus), you answered yes. Something I wrote about in theĀ December issueĀ of The DRIVE magazine. Including the benefits of leaning into difficult emotions. Because the more we try to fight discomfort, the longer it lasts. "The root of all suffering is attachment." Buddha Stop... Continue Reading →

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