Words of Encouragement.


The first thing that goes when we are faced with a stressor of any kind is the memory of all we have overcome in years gone by.

Let this be your daily, weekly, hourly reminder of how wildly capable you are.

Truly. Incredibly. Capable.

We might not be a genius at everything. But we are most definitely a genius at something.


And if you ever need more than this note to remind you of your strengths, let me know in the comments below.

And I will shine a light on the luminescence that surrounds you.

Fun Activity  

What words resonate with you?

What jumps off the page?


These are your strengths.✨

25 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement.

Add yours

  1. This is one of the good things about getting older – we know that we can get through challenges, no matter how difficult, and sometimes come out better and spiritually stronger than we imagined I do forget sometimes though, so thanks for the reminder.

    1. So true JoAnna!

      Knowing deep in our hearts that “sometimes we come out better and spiritually stronger than we imagined.”

      One of the many gifts of growing older. And a life lesson your ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE blog does for me often.

      “Together we rise”.

  2. Great post as always.

    When I teach about “Ego”

    Life is like writing a resume

    Never entertain a negative thought or say a derogatory remark

    In a resume we highlight our strengths

    Why do we judge so negatively then

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