Reigniting Motivation.


I wrote this on the blackboard for my nursing students today.

This is their final week of classes. Which means one final opportunity for me to encourage their success.

This is my favourite part of teaching psychology. Every time I face a challenge, I imagine how I can translate it into a motivating lesson for my students.

Reminding students why they started nursing school is energizing. Staying inspired during final exams is galvanizing. Not giving up is the ultimate test.


Thoughts ⇔ Motivation ⇔ Action

Transforming thought patterns is critical for student motivation and success. As what happens behind our eyes is as powerful as what happens in front of our eyes.

Reframe your thoughts. Reignite your motivation.

Instead of thinking of nursing school as an obstacle to overcome. Reframe it as superhero training. Heros save lives. And so do nurses. Every single day.

Will it be easy? No   ↑   Will it be worth it? Yes!


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How do you reframe to reignite motivation?

32 thoughts on “Reigniting Motivation.

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  1. This is great! I agree 100% that our thoughts affect our actions and behavior. You’re super amazing for keeping your students inspired! 😊💗

  2. I reignite by first taking a step back, usually in the form of taking my mind away from whatever I’ve been working on that has exhausted my motivation. After rest, some fun and healthy distraction I then come back to it to see where I am with it. I ask if want to continue, why and what I need to change.

    Thank you for the motivating post!

    1. Excellent tips for boosting motivation Lorena! Gaining a greater perspective by taking a step back is key. I love the fun part too! (All work & No play = Zero creativity.) And just like you, I do my best work in the early morning hours. ☀️

    1. When the semester ends, I tell my students that I am their “professor for life”. So anytime they need a pep talk & an “injection” of motivation, I am only one click away. 😊

      Ireland would be a wonderful opportunity for them when they graduate. (If this is an option with the Irish government). Either way, they can begin their research now. And add nursing in Ireland to their vision board.🍀

  3. Can’t deny, i do actually believe that nurses have superhuman tendencies. And i like your passion, inspiring these wonderful people to do great things. Applause to you ma’am!

    1. Thanks you! You are one smart young man. I will share your positive message with my nursing students. As I’m sure it will bring a smile to their face – as it did to mine! 😊

    1. Good for you Kim! Nothing reawakens creativity & reignites motivation like a good break. As my mom always says: “Say good-bye when they’ll still miss you & leave them wanting for more.” See you after Easter! Enjoy the pause. 💐

    1. If anyone knows about being s superhero it’s you Ipuna! Your work as both a nurse & nursing professor in Nevada lights the way for all nursing students. Thank goodness for healthcare professionals like you! 😇

      1. Thank you, Andrea! Our health care system isn’t the best, but we have some great nurses! ❤️​ (It’s just fragmented I believe.) It’s great that you get to teach nursing students. Lucky them!

  4. I love the thought of being a Super Hero in training. That’s motivating! I’ll use that to keep me going through the final sprint to my degree.

  5. I’m really struggling with motivation. I feel like I’ve tried so many things for so long without making any progress. I think I’m sick and tired of that but apparently I haven’t been sick and tired enough to change anything.

    So, at the beginning of this year I took a hard look at things going on inside my head and am trying a different approach. I noticed that I take on too much, get overwhelmed, lose focus, don’t accomplish anything and therefore label myself a failure. My new strategy is to “live purposefully” – to really be conscious of my choices and to focus on smaller, fewer goals.

    One other big change I’m trying hard to make is to change what I tell myself. Instead of “I want to do x, y or z” I’m telling myself, “I can do x, y or z” and “I will.” I’m only like 3 days into my new outlook and so far, I’m finding it super, super hard!

    1. Good for you! Living on purpose is the most noble of goals. One I strive for each day too. But of course it’s tough. For me too. We are human after all. Based on what you’ve shared, I have 2 ideas that may help your journey from stress to strength:


      1. Be gentle with yourself. Thoughts come and go. Positive & negative. The more stressed out we feel — the harder we tend to be on ourselves. A double edged sword. Because this is exactly when we need self-compassion the most.

      I wrote about loving kindness here —

      2. Go smaller with your resolutions and intentions. Bite size life missions. Live your BIG purpose in SMALL baby steps. Day by day.

      I wrote about (daily) living on purpose here —


      Motivation is a process. Every step. Every breath. Counts. 😊

  6. Thank you for your gentle reminder and being there for your nurses even after they leave your class! It is very true that nurses save lives, but it is the ones that we can turn to that help us do that. I know that I have had that support from a couple of my professors, who became mentors, and ultimately friends which have lasted throughout our careers. Thank you for your caring, your gentle motivation, and your leadership!

    1. As you can tell from my posts, I have a special place in my heart for nurses (and nursing students). Which is why I’m especially grateful for your feedback on this post. Wishing you good vibes with your patients and yourself all day long! You are (the best kind) a Superhero after all. 🙂

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