How we talk to ourselves matters

How we talk to ourselves matters.

Particularly in the eye of the storm.

Having a “go to” mantra in times of uncertainty helps.

Especially in the uncomfortable, agonizing moments between stress and strength.


An image that helps me is imagining myself growing roots and wings during dark times.

Chanting “I am expanding” as the rain falls.

Today I wish the same for you.

May you see the blessing in every storm. 

Expanding you. Preparing you. 

For the next level of your destiny.🎈

9 thoughts on “How we talk to ourselves matters

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    1. Thanks Julie! ☔️☀️🍃

      The relentless rain sparked the idea of expansion vs. victim hood during the tough times — that we all endure as human beings.

      Change Self Talk — one word at a time —
      And everything changes! ☀️🍃☔️

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