Does Your Self-Talk Energize You or Drain You?

How we talk to ourselves matters. Especially at the start of a brand new day. Our thoughts are the lyrics to our daily soundtrack after all. A topic I talk about with love and laughter in this video workshop: Psychology Homework: The One Day at a Time Approach Step One: Awareness Begin by WAKING... Continue Reading →

How we talk to ourselves matters.

How we talk to ourselves matters tremendously. Particularly in the eye of the storm. Having a “go to” mantra in times of stress helps. Especially in the uncomfortable (agonizing) moments between stress and strength. Video of Blog Post ⇒ Click Here A mantra that has helped me over the years is imagining myself: g... Continue Reading →

You were born to thrive.

Do not fear challenge or adversity. Run towards it. Not away from it. Use it consciously. As a stepping stone. To ascend. To soar. To propel yourself forward. To begin again.  For strength is ultimately built from challenge, from difficulty, from overcoming. You were born to thrive! Watch my video for helpful strategies on how to thrive.

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