From Fear to Love.

How do you talk to yourself?

Have you ever noticed that the more challenging life gets the more critical you are of yourself.

And the more critical you are of yourself the more challenging life becomes.


It’s a fearful, exhausting, repetitive loop that feeds on itself.

When you’re under extreme pressure, the last thing you need is another self-talk rant of why you’re not good enough.

What you do need is a boatload of unconditional love.

 Resilience is built on love.

And so are you.

Today vow to give yourself the gift of more love, more kindness, more generosity.

A gift that will keep on giving.

Long after the stress is gone.

Find an affirmation or a positive quote that makes you stop, take a breath, and feel your heart beating deep inside.

Something that reminds you of how magical you truly are.

Post it on your fridge.

Write it on your mirror.

Save it on your phone.

Stress is surviving.

Love is thriving.

The next time you start beating yourself up over the smallest thing, take it as a sign that you need some extra love and tender care.

The more love you give yourself, the more generous, authentic, and compassionate all of your relationships will be.

Including the relationship you have with your innermost self.

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23 thoughts on “From Fear to Love.

Add yours

    1. Yes.. in a way..

      Take care of ourselves first. And then, and only then, give away what overflows. Creating a loop of unconditional love. A community of kindness.

      Start with you.

      End with all of us. ๐Ÿ’ž

  1. So well said! It’s amazing that we say things to ourselves all the time that we wouldn’t dream of saying to other people. Definitely time to stop that cycle in its tracks, because I’ve been there and it doesn’t lead anywhere! ๐ŸŒป

    1. Affirmations help.

      So does breaking out in song.

      Better yet… Try singing your affirmations to your favourite beat. No kidding! I sing mantras on repeat and it works! Instant soul shift. The Trick is to sing them more quietly in public.. hee hee.

      Negativity traps us in our analytical, fear based, left brain brain & singing moves us swiftly into our zen filled right brain. ๐ŸŽผ๐Ÿƒ

  2. So true! I love the simple phrase “stress is surviving and love is thriving”. This says it all, from emotional survival brain responses to neocortex creation of manifesting what we desire. Love induces our children to thrive, and stress induces them to just do what needs to be done to get by. So meaningful for me! Thank you!

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