One Word Vision for 2023

What’s your ONE WORD VISION for 2023 ❓






Joy 🎈


Vision Exercise with University of Windsor Student Leaders

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    1. The word DEEPEN jumped off the page for me Brad. Add in CONNECTION and your words challenge me to continue going below the surface on ideas and situations that equally fascinate and repel me. Because I am here to learn at a deep, meaningful level, in 2023 and beyond. Thank you for continuing to be in my life. Blogging is something I continue to be drawn back into since 2015 because of wonderful people like you. 🎁♦️🙏 Andrea

  1. I’m going to leave a weird comment but humor me. On the video I was struck by how relaxed the students were — maybe a little too relaxed. They seemed to lack seriousness. (Just an impression.) So, I was thinking of the various clever experiments that psychologists sometimes arrange. Is there a subliminal way you could influence your class to exhibit more focused behavior? (Which has demonstrable value in the work world). And I am reminded of a story told about President Ronald Reagan, that because he liked the color red, he tended to call on women reporters particularly when they were wearing red. Presumably (in this story which may be apocryphal) he was unaware that the color was influencing his behavior. And as the story goes, the reporters picked up on this feature, perhaps also subliminally, leading to an uptick in the wearing of red during the president’s news conferences. Just some thoughts for what they’re worth.

    Anyway, my word is BELIEF. I want to discover what I really believe deep down (which sometimes differs from what one thinks superficially she believes). Belief shapes actions. I want to change my belief in whatever way will support new events that I want for my life. I am grateful for my life circumstance, but there are new things I want to do and I’m wondering if I need to reexamine my core beliefs if I am to avoid simply “more of the same,” even as nice as “the same” has been thus far. I am ready for something new.

    Happy New Year.

    1. 1) LOVE YOUR WORD — belief is indeed powerful. One of the ways that I change the way I think (belief is a collection of thoughts) is by changing what I DO. Simple things like driving home from work a different way, sleeping on the opposite side of the bed, writing with my non-dominant hand, learning five words of a foreign language. All of these simple things knock us out of our UNCONSCIOUS AUTO PILOT and place us in present time. Do the opposite of what you would normally do and what your fresh thoughts appear.

      2) Focus — you asked a great question, that is in fact somewhat related to your word. Here is a post, video, and article I did on Focus:

      Focus post:

      5 Ways to Focus Better

      It doesn’t answer your question completely (that would require a 500 page book — that’s how awesome your question is) but it should get you started.

      Focus video:

      Always love hearing from you!

      1. One of my ambitions is to arrange my home is such a way that it can be easily rearranged. Cannot do it completely now, but already on a small scale, I like to move the furniture around to make of a room a new room — from time to time.

        Are we twins separated at birth?

        Enjoying your advice & again Happy New Year, Dr. Dinardo and fellow psych fans.

  2. Your students are very fortunate to have you Andrea. I haven’t chosen one particular word in 2023 but many come to mind: hope, trust, surrender and create. I aim to do all of that and more next year. Wishing you a wonderful, blessed year ahead. Sending you much love my friend ❤️

    1. Awww thank you Miriam!


      I can feel the love, the hope, the trust, the creativity, and the surrendering all the way from Australia to Canada!

      On a similar note… given the blessings you continually share with me here, on YouTube, and on our Instagram Pages.

      My motivation wanes and waxes, like everyone else and since we’re both STAR GAZERS, I thought you’d appreciate this BEHIND THE SCENES story:

      Last night I watched an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, an
      American astrophysicist, and it spiked my imagination for a brand new year of psychology with my students and coaching clients.

      Video Interview:

      I have read his books and watched him before but the Diary of a CEO interview was a whole new level of peak performance psychology ideas 💡 #highlyrecommended 🎙️ 🔥

      Thank you for continuing to play a key part of my North Star Vision my friend!

      Andrea 🙏💕

      1. How wonderful! Thanks Andrea, fellow star gazer. I’ll look forward to coming back and watching this interview later today. Much love and gratitude 🙏

  3. Andrea, if we all had wonderful teachers, lectures like you – what a wonderful place this would be. You just make your student’s excel, you inspire them so and love them so. God, if I had a teacher like you, oh man, I would be so much better.

    Your student are lucky to have you.

    I watched the video, and need to again. A couple of points i want to note. But it bed time now.

    In terms of word for the year. I think or rather i have realised, one word doesnt last me the year. I end up changing as the year goes a long.

    I think i chose them all : Freedom

    Joy 🎈





    for January. Because – I want to peace, growth in my meditation and spiritual study, which leads to empowerment, joy , adventure, peace , and growth. and Ultimate freedom . Gosh that is a lot for January – may be I should say for the whole year. Basically i want to lay my foundation in January with some routines, and habits that I want to enstil in my life, and some practise that I want use to shift things that are blocking me. Anyway – Jan is the month to set the scene for the whole year I truly hope.

    Ramble over
    Happy new year to you and John. Have alove break. Love bella

    1. You have no idea how much your comment lit me up today Bella!

      Thank you for your kindness, time, and energy.

      Your words have moved me in more ways than you know.

      May all the goodness you share come back to you one hundred fold in 2023.

  4. I kinda liked that the students in your class appeared relaxed. You know them better than we do. I also like the idea of having more than one word. The word, love, has been coming to me, which includes self love and listening instead of trying to fix things. Decluttering has and always will be a goal, but recently it’s been more about creating space which makes me think of opening up possibilities. Thank you always for your positive energy which flows so freely!

  5. We’ve talked about this in our family, and one of my daughters suggested differentiating, to be able to give value and respect to those who are different, who do things differently from us, and who don’t think like us. I love the idea of many words–the year is an untapped opportunity to grow in unexpected ways, and I long to keep my eyes open for what the Lord will teach me. The adventure is life, and I want to live it out loud to the best of my ability. Thanks for your every-encouraging words, my friend.

  6. Nourish. The British definition. Nourish, to provide with the materials necessary for life and growth.

    Nourish my body and brain. Eating regularly, napping, pacing myself and spending time with those who matter.

  7. Also your motorcycle talk point is so on point as a previous motorcycle rider. You are such a great professor and psychologist, your passion and knowledge shines so bright and your students are SO lucky to have you. I must of had great professors like you along the way because tools you use I do too as in the researching, manifesting and not walking into things “blindly” of that makes sense. My synopsis of what I got and related to in my own life.

  8. My one word for 2023 Andrea, is UNITY.. for until we unite and unify, we will always be divided and hold onto separation… We need to come together and realise we are all One, no matter what our different Unique qualities… We are all belonging the Human Race… and we all bleed the same colour..

    Have a Wonderful Happy New Year and thank you for all you do and share.

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