What’s Your Endurance Mantra?

Transforming our mindset from pain to power and stress to strength is key during uncertain times.

And particularly important for students across Ontario as they complete final college and university exams this semester!

What mantra or affirmation shifts your mindset from stress to strength? From pain to power? I would love to know.

Watch the video below to hear mine during a particularly difficult spinning class at a local gym.

An endurance mantra I use during workouts, in the classroom, and in life!

Simple Words on Repeat

In the video, I share two simple words that kept me going when I hit a wall weeks ago.

And also the words I use to encourage students when they feel like giving up.

These words change daily.

Today mine was “mustard seed”.

Because I often feel like giving up. Like everyone else does.

And then I remember my why.

My “mustard seed” gives me faith to not give up on what’s yet to come.

Do you have a mantra that has kept you going during the pandemic or any other uncertain times in your life?

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What endurance phrase is on repeat for you?

28 thoughts on “What’s Your Endurance Mantra?

Add yours

  1. I love this so much, Dr. Andrea! Yes, “mustard seed”. I always tell myself that pain permits my perseverance! Without the pain, I wouldn’t have progress!

  2. “Pain Permits My Perseverance”

    Love the alliteration of your endurance mantra!

    When students complain about the amount of work they have to do to get their nursing degree, I often tell my students that there are two types of pain —

    1) the unnecessary pain and suffering of their patients


    2) the pain of studying that improves not only their lives but all the lives of people they have yet to meet and treat

    Reflection in a psychology class (and in life) is game-changing.

    Wishing you a day filled with faith!

    1. “Reminds me that the good in something may have yet to unfold.”

      I am relaxing into the possibilities with you Annette!

      Thank YOU for the reminder today!

      Patience is not my strong suit. But faith is.

      Your words and angel card posts keep me going.



  3. Mine is always related to wit and comedy. That automatically generates my endurance. Laugh and live on!

    1. OMG Yesssss to Comedy!!

      Music + Dance Work for me too!

      I was telling one of my trainers at the gym yesterday that I dance to ‘break the spell” and I encouraged him to do the same! And then we danced and the whole F45 class joined in.

      It all reminds us of how ALIVE we truly are!

      Thank you for pinging your ideas off of mine.


    1. Grace is the name of a street that I drive by daily and it doesn’t matter what’s on my mind when I pass the (street) sign, I am instantly lifted to a higher place.

      This is what your endurance words of the week did for me Brad when I read them. They were a sign 🪧 to stay open to goodwill.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and share! Your words matter to not only me – but to everyone reading along today.

      ✨ 🙏💛

  4. Perspective is such a huge game changer! I love your mustard seed idea–a small bit of change can create a tsunami of hope. So my mantra is faith and hope–remembering Who I belong to and that I’m just a sojourner in this life–this isn’t home. Heaven is. Thanks for your wise words, my friend.

  5. Faith like a grain of mustard seed can bring about great things. I say to myself that “faith is bigger than fear” and “all is possible”. Have a GREAT rest of your week, dear friend 🌞🌟💛

    1. So much YESSSSS 🌟💛

      I am preparing a leadership training talk for Thursday, May 5 called “Embracing Change – Moving Forward” for student leaders and managers.

      The slide and subtopic I am currently working on: OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF CHANGE.

      Thank you for this. Your comment and mantra are divinely timed. I am now adding an Endurance Mantra Exercise into my Talk and Letting them Know that Syl, my blogging friend, sparked the idea!

      “FAITH is BIGGER than fear” 🌟💛

      1. That is awesome 🌟💛

        Change is definitely one of the triggers of fear. I certainly hope that you post your training talk, it sounds very interesting.

        Our friendship is centered in divine moments, so I thank you..🌟💛

        1. I was on the fence about having the organizers tape my first live and in person talk since 2020 . . and you Syl, just gave me my reason WHY.

          🌟 Mustard Seed == Meet == Faith 🌟

    1. Knowing we’re not alone on this journey is a game changer! Thank you for sharing Mitch. Your films, blog posts, and books echo the power of your faith filled endurance mantra.

  6. When I’m feeling overwhelmed but have to push through something, I will say to myself, “You can do this,” in the confident tone of a loving parent. Some of the thoughts that go along with those words are knowing I’ve gotten through hard stuff before. Thanks for reminding me of the power of encouraging words and thoughts.

    1. Tone is everything. Especially with self-talk. Thank you for taking the time to read and share. Someone is talking more gently to themselves today because of you Joanna.

      “You Can Do This” ♥️

  7. Yes, each one got find his or her own mantra for success. Having a mantra itself means one is confident of going through. Patience, endurance and self belief are what get success. If so many before me got successfully accomplish why can’t I?What do I lack? If the answer is ‘nothing’ then get going 😊😊. If even one person gains from what I am doing then I should do it even if that one person happens to be just me😊
    Keep spreading positive energy in the environment Dr Andrea.
    Stay blessed always

    1. So true about confidence! Self Talk Without Self Esteem can lead to hollow words.

      Which is why focusing on what are unique gifts are (you my friend, are an encourager!) and infusing that into our Endurance Mantra is what gives our affirmations “legs”.

      Specific Strength Based Endurance Mantras are Everything!

      Wishing you a day filled with all the positive energy YOU GIVE. Full circle motivation!

      Dr. Andrea ⭕️ ☀️ ❤️

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