Free Your Soul

Soul Reflections

⚜️ What do you need to LET GO of to feel a sense well-being? 

⚜️ Who and what do you no longer want to be OBLIGATED to?

⚜️ If you had only one year to live, what five things would you STOP doing?

⚜️ What JOY do you wish you had more TIME for?

Breathe In & Listen

⚜️ Take a LONG DEEP BREATH and meditate on your answers.

⚜️ You will be surprised at what your SOUL has to say.

You Get One Life

⚜️ Make it yours.

Tomorrow Is Promised to No One

Free Your Soul

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18 thoughts on “Free Your Soul

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  1. Worthy challenge! I’ve been going through old journals, rewriting the messages there (adding wisdom) so I can let go of the past.

  2. Best question ever – and such a surprise! “If you had only one year to live, what five things would you STOP doing?”

    Usually, people rephrase that – what would you do.

    But what you’ve done is give freedom to let go of what’s unimportant and unnecessary.

    It’s having good boundaries–which is where I really struggle.

    Thanks, my friend, for this great insight.

  3. Your wise suggestion makes so much sense to me. I notice that clutter, both in the material and mind collects quickly with me. When working for a plastics manufacturing corporation some years ago, we all used to dread annual stock-taking week. Some genius suggested we do-going random checks and that made a huge difference to our once-a-year audit. Not that I related this to my life, but I began the same process. Getting rid of things that I didn’t use and doing spring cleaning weekly. I clear my desk after a day’s work. I also realized my mind needed the same treatment. What a relief. The bullet points that you suggest, I apply. Your stuff is inspiring and so common sense – I wait for your blogs – I know I will learn something from them. You are a blessing Dr. A.

    1. Your words fill my heart 🧡🧡

      Thank you for the concrete example of how this concept applies not only in your work but IN YOUR LIFE.

      I truly believe that SIMPLE THINGS ON REPEAT is the key to a bountiful free beautiful life.

      one bullet point
      at a time

      Wishing you a weekend filled with HEART AND SOUL

  4. Yes, there is so much clutter in the mind and life as such which we need to dump. Why do we find it so difficult to lead a simple life , a life free of expectations and obligations? Yes, we need to let go off the clutter and start living for ourselves doing what we love. It’s not that easy but certainly a sincere attempt need to be made. The first step being acknowledging the fact there is a clutter and listing it.
    Stay blessed always Dr Andrea❤️🙏🙏

    1. I love your idea for a first step!

      And so often the clutter is in our mind – not in our surroundings.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, watch the video, comment on YouTube and here.

      Your words always LIFT ME UP.

      Blessed by your energy and time


      1. Thank you so much Dr Andrea🌹🙏🙏The views you express and the suggestions you give demand a response and I just respond 😊🤗🌹🙏🌹God bless you

  5. Enjoyed your ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ post, Andrea (you know how I feel about humor). Mentioning it here because there doesn’t seem to be a Reply section for that post. Laugh on!

    1. I love that you travelled over to this post to leave a comment because I couldn’t imagine any better way to “free your soul” than with laughter! 🕺🌎💃 Thank you Mitch. You have a kindred spirit in me.

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